Duck-jump over the tripmines. Jump and press the crouch button while you’re in midair.


It is a bug. Please report it on the in-game issues subforum.


I am stuck at the dam. The helicopter comes out so I quickly jump into the water. Then I get shredded by helo bullets and the giant fish. I do not have the crossbow at this point to take out the giant fish out. No heavy weapons to take out the helo either. I am pretty sure that I need to get over to one of the towers after swimming in the water but can’t get that far without dying.


The helicopter will go away after a few shots with the Tau cannon. Also you should have the crossbow already I think you missed it.


Hint: why would you jump into the water without trying to deal with the chopper first? It’s much harder to shoot at it with your legs stuck in the fish’s mouth. (I dont know if you can actually kill the chopper at that place, but you can certainly try shooting at it with heavy weapons - and see what happens.)
Not only the crossbow can kill the fish. For hints, check the achievements. One of them is very explicit about a certain way to kill a fish.


Use two crossbow shots to kill the Ichthyosaur in the water. It’s pretty easy, which is almost disappointing.

As for the Apache, shoot it with several charged Tau Cannon shots. It won’t destroy it, but it will at the very least fly away and leave you alone for the rest of the Dam sequence.

It’s optional though. You aren’t required to destroy the Apache at the Dam. If you’re fast enough, you can just dodge the bullets/rockets and solve all the puzzles.


I do not have either of those two weapons in my inventory…what then?


That means you did something wrong and missed the weapon pickups. Both of them are located in the previous chapter. You have two options:

  1. Re-play Questionable Ethics and actually pick up those weapons.


  1. Continue with your current, limited inventory. In this case, use the Glock to kill the Ichthyosaur (it might take forever but it will eventually work), and ignore the Apache. You can’t hurt it unless you get lucky with MP5 grenades, which you likely don’t have enough of to do real damage.


On Easy you can kill Ichy with the glock in like 3 or 4 shots. :lol:


Alrighty. Firstly as this is my first real time back to to forums (as I said I would not be back untill I had finished black mesa) I gotta say, this game has far exceeded my expectations in quality. AMAZING work devs, simply amazing.:awesome:

Now, for the reason I am back too early. I am stuck on surface tension, at the part where whirlybirds are dropping the entire U.S. army into that parking lot. What in the name of sweet biscuit batter am I supposed to be doing here? :fffuuu:

Do I wait out the onslaught of a quadrobillion soldiers? Am I supposed to shoot all the dropships down? Am I supposed to run like mad hell and just tank all the bullets and bees?


Kill the Osprey of course.
Charged Tau Cannon shots or rockets should do it.


You say Osprey in the singular, so when it buggers off to who knows where and an Osprey flies overhead, that is the same one? Also, do you have to be up in the parking lot in order to damage it? I just crept out of my hole and shot it with all five of my rockets at one point, and it did all of nothing.

EDIT: Thanks btw, I appreciate the help. :slight_smile:


There should be a TOW cannon somewhere around there that you can use I think. But damn i agree it’s still a really tough spot.


What about a cheat code to get the tau cannon? I was able to get the crossbow with a cheat code. What is the proper syntax to get a tau cannon using the developers console?

edit: figured it out with a guess. give weapon_tau is cheat code.


I did #2. You can choose.


I’m on the cliff path, just after the little wooden bridge, and it just ends. Am I missing something?


im stuck at the part when your at the fuel tank trying to call an airstrike on the monster thats chasing you but it keeps shaking the tank, dont know what to do, please help


Try approaching and luring it to the required location.


sorry if i didnt say i was in the right place
the machine to call a strike is on the tank that im on
but the strike doesnt work and dunno what to do now


Click on the map to select target.

Click on the FIRE button at the bottom to fire.

Use MOUSE1, not the “USE” key.