I just aim for the center mass. Like I said, the Tau Cannon can be weird with hit detection. :frowning:


I’m having a hard time with the heli on the cliff no matter where I hide.
Anyone got any hints?

Ooops ignore, the heli just sat there in the air after a couple of shots making it a sitting duck.


The helicopter was inordinately tough. That battle was an exercise in frustration. You’re not alone there.


Yeah the Helicopter Boss was poorly done.


hi im in the level surface tension too but my problem is a bug…

the security guard wich opens the two big doors in level bm_c2a5h stand still and looks me in the eyes… can i fix this or must i use “noclip” ^^


I think I have found a bug, unfortunately. I’m on top of the tower, trying to shoot the gargantua but the shots from the air strikes aren’t killing him, neither are they exploding when they hit anywhere else. So basically, I can not continue.


ciao a tutti io non capire come saltare questo punto,ci sono video dimostrativi di come fare?grazie


I have the same bug, he’s stuck after opening the first door.
He won’t ally me, he just stands their till the grunts/aliens/me kill him.

Edit, restarted the level and game gave me a hand… sadly it’s not what I wanted.


SmartAss won’t come with me after opening the door, in Surface Tension, where Gordon and the security guard stealth walk past the guards. He just stays there. Doesn’t respond to “E”. I walk away from him. still not moving. No aliens appear on the streets, because he just stays there, and doesn’t “trigger” the next event. I killed him once, on purpose. You would’ve killed him too. Trust me. Any ideas? :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s a known bug (thought it was fixed already). You can’t approach that door from the outside before entering the building.
You have to go straight for the jump pads.


After I sneak through the area with the security gaurd that says “Well don’t that beat all.” He just gets stuck and doesnt go through the door. He wont even do anything when i press e on him. How do i fix this???


Move on without him. Eventually he will folow