Sven coop run through this weekend?

This was actually an idea brought up by CornetTheory (Mike Hillard) in the BM steam chat. I thought he was gonna make a thread or something, but I guess not. It was a suggestion that before BM releases (probably gonna have to be this weekend) we’d play through Half life 1 via sven coop. I thought this would be pretty fun.

There’s been no talk of times or servers yet, so I’ll just link to sven 4.6 (the version most people have) and hope for the best.

[COLOR=‘DarkOrange’]Nuclear Dan is hosting. We do this 1:00 PM US eastern time.[/SIZE]


[COLOR=‘DarkOrange’]Today is the day this shit goes down. join the BM chat and hopefully Dan will be there and will be able to tell you the actual IP. Player cap is 16, so get in fast.[/SIZE]

Sounds gay. I’m in.

If it’s on friday or over the weekend, I’ll be able to do it.

I wish Sven Coop didn’t cut out a few levels though. I was pretty disappointed last time when it skipped the trash compactor

I’m not much for multiplayer, also never played Sven, but what the hell, count me in. GMT +2

Well that is something I like, considering Sven Coop is my “second home” :slight_smile:

I’m definitely in!

Sounds cool, i’m in.

Sounds fun. IMHO, Sven is really friggin’ hard. LOL

If I’m allowed on my PC and I’m not playing Minecraft, I’m in.

GMT -5.

count me in, I already downloaded the latest version

Awesome. So I’m on -5 EDT. Best time for me would be around 12PM.

Apparently 4.6 is already installed, so I’m all set.

Edit: Actually, never mind, I don’t think this’ll work, so just forget I said anything.

Sven Coop 2 and 3.0 are the only good Sven Coop versions.

We ain’t downgrading for no hipster.

Someone’s making a proper HL coop mod, but it’s only half done so we can’t play that yet :frowning:

Sorry for being dumb, but does that mean you are UTC+6? And is 12PM the time at midday or at midnight? (12AM/12PM always confused the hell out of me.)

Basically the question is: What time would that be in UTC?

Damn I hate time zones…

12PM is noon (daytime) and 12AM is midnight (night).

So uh…anyone up for hosting this? My coenfection can’t be trusted with these storms that have been going on.

Bump. Can’t host but will join.


I’ll join too, depending on what time everybody’s playing.