Sven coop run through this weekend?


we did it after two tries. Blasted right through it. Kinda anti climactic, but hey.

inb4 what she said.


Yeah, I completely missed it :confused:


I have the entire session recorded for the demented individuals who want to subject themselves to that.

The second half is pretty cool, though, because it includes chats with NuclearDan, Pokey, and Keven Sisk.


all I have logged is the barnacle copter


I might be demented

Where these recordings at?


I need to process and upload them. I’ll do something with them by tonight.


Well, it was fun being stuck in a train and somehow messing up the experiment (therefore preventing a resonance cascade!) with you guys. The rest, I missed :confused:


Oh yeah, is that when the cart did’t even come up?


Yep, that’s the last thing I witnessed. Then the server was gone.


I really hope the recordings come up soon. That was a great session of sven coop. Trying to use the elevator during the play through was hell.


First video is up. It doesn’t show Half-Life yet, it’s the screwing around we did leading up to it, but it establishes the character of mouse which is necessary for understanding the complexities of the later player relationships.

I’m really sorry about how loud my voice is compared to the rest of the sound. Fraps recorded it at too high of a level.

The other 4-6 hours of it will be processed and uploaded tomorrow.














I missed it :frowning:


You didn’t miss a lot.
The game took like… What, ten minutes?


Nope. We gave up then came back an hour later and played to xen. I was editing together a montage of it all (including some brotalk among devs of Black Mesa) but premiere decided to crash. I’d start again, but BM’s release is so imminent I don’t know if anyone would even want to see it.


part 1

part 2

these are painful to watch

The next few parts include chats with Kevin Sisk and Pokey, among others.


Sorry for my ping, steam was updating :stuck_out_tongue: