Tau Cannon Noticeable Issues

Hello, I’d like to bring to your attention some visual bugs regarding the Tau Cannon.

First of all the running animation is sort of broken. When sprinting it plays the lower animation first (the one used when aiming at friendlies) and then the actual running animation starts. It can even be seen in the Xen trailer.

Second, the viewmodel is slightly bugged, the front coils disappear while looking around, most noticeably upward. Here’s some images.

Nothing wrong here.

Here’s the bug, look near the base of the handle.

(Ignore the lack of glow on the rotor, that’s a texture mod)

Finally a question/request sort of thing…

In the mod version enemies hit, killed and gibbed by the Tau would have some orange electricity effects on them for a few seconds. Could this be implemented back at some point? It looked good and made the gun feel powerful.

Thanks for your time, and thanks for your hard work!