TES V announced at last - it's Skyrim!

TES V: Skyrim has been announced by Todd Howard at the Spike Video Game Awards 2010.
The announcement involved little more than a short video presentation and the date: 11/11/11 - just eleven months from today.

Finally Elder Scrolls 5!

What do you think?

The mudcrabs better make a return.

hi guiz

Look at his eyes. He just sensed someone stealing a rotten apple in the other side of the country.

Oh wow! Another game with a pick your clip ending.

Fighting dragons will be epic.


You Should have payed the fine!

Couldn’t find a different reaction picture?

I hope they come back with their Morrowind design though. I know they look less like crabs but still.

your sig was closer.

many lulz were had, good old times with my 6800GT.

Best part were the 3 voice actors they had for the whole game. Many times you hear the beggers begging with a weak old voice and when you address them, their voice suddenly changes to a strong and jovial tone.

Im not a fan of RPG or of fantasy, but perhaps I’ll give this a shot since everyone seems to love it so much.

Wait for the Christmas sale on Steam and get Oblivion for cheap.

I got Oblivion. I modded it untill it broke…

Foul creatures. I hope never to see another.


This gives me hope.

budget problems i guess