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so you’re not happy with your own work?


You want them to go Duke Nukem Forever on their own assets? “Oh, this stuff we made last month isn’t up to our new standards, scrap it and start over.” Rinse and repeat, and you get 12 years worth of (pointless) development before running out of money.


Woo, does this mean I can work on my super awesome “Ridiculous Ties Redux” pack? :stuck_out_tongue:




So much for my only good idea of replacing the hgrunt “MY LEG” with this line.




…we can heat the Krabby patty to 80 degrees C, and hold it there until the customer arrives.


I was wondering if ideas or suggestions could be posted here or in a separate subsection?


Sooo… I’m not allowed to link the weapon sound mod I made? :3


Since Sounds are restricted to being remade, does that include songs? Because I’m a musical producer and I think a few of the songs from the soundtrack have great potential to be remixed. Or would I have to talk with the original artist about remixing the songs.


So I’m guessing with sounds, that also includes any voice work?
Oh well, even if that were the case, it wouldn’t matter because my guess is the marine voices were intentionally corny.


any chance off getting models sources (.3ds etc)? the mdl decompiler doesnt work too well


What if new sounds concern only weapons, UI and alien NPC’s?


I would love to contribute ideas for Xen Acheivements. i hope a lot of the ones mentioned on the BMS event were somehow noticed.


Does this mean people could make proper gibs for the guard zombie? Yeah, how about a huge gib repository?


thanks for the band name bru


Is there any protocol, section, or thread for making Black Mesa content-customization requests? If not, might I suggest the creation of one?





I can’t do this but I sure hope somone else can :slight_smile:


I want to work in the community!

I am spanish and my passion is the 3d design. I need to work in a good team for keep learning all the time.

Please, work with me :slight_smile:


you can start by… making a submission to BM so you can get more presense in the forums, making new models, textures or improving some assets of the game.