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Could someone submit new textures, as opposed to replacement textures? For instance, new papers to put on the various bulletin boards around Black Mesa?


Maps and Sound mods are now allowed and encouraged for sharing in this subforum.

If you have a map for people to play (regardless of if it looks pretty or not) post it on the workshop for sharing! Make sure it’s at least stable and playable.

Can’t wait to see what you guys post.


I miss one thing that in black mesa science is no longer healing if you have low health if you play half life original you know whoat im talking about so why remove this ? Pleasea bring back old stuff and why removed leeches are parasite atack you if you swiming in water. And why vortingaunt not healing another vortingaut if you hurt them in HALF-LIFE ORIGINAL these things exist but not in black mesa why ?? creator of half-life do alot work with creatures and other things. And these things is no longer exist in black mesa prety bad. crowbar atack animation its to fucking insane fast this makes to easy kill enemies i hate that and tau canon 2012 model looks beter when 2019. Shotgun sounds anoying. And where is creepy sounds ? maybe i just back too oldschool play Half-life original becouse only half life have these things whoat black mesa dont have nostalgia. But other that black mesa is good game to play. Im jjust woried when realease xen its no longer no ones work with black mesa stuff im corious of that.


nice necro :atom_symbol::biohazard::lying_face:

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I tell the truth about game so whoat did you expect… bybegalvi…


When I played half life, I never noticed Vortigaunts doing anything like that, I saw a video of a cut feature where they could resurrect their friends, (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RV9ooD5rx1o, relevant ability is at 2:45.) but that got removed. Did I miss something?


In half life if you find maybe 2 or 3 vortingaunts and try to shot them friend try to revive with green electric shock vortigauns are intelgents cretures and have ability to revive dead comanders. In half life bullsguid can smell the fresh blood and bulsguid Can find the place there is human or headrab body and you can feed them to bullsguid. . And zombies in black mesa look just are zombies, but in half life then you try to atack zombie if you get damage from zombie you gona heard laughs sound in half life zombie look more smart and more evil than black mesa and these fings no longer exist in black mesa sad. Need to bring back these things and need reanimation zombie chage motion like hl1 ,make longer claws like in picture, but these things they need time and experience. You can read information from wikepedia about half life creatures or wach youtube. These things exist only in half life, but not in black mesa and i dont understand why removed this cool things Its worse to remove. In half life creatures have more ability than black mesa.


True, I’m not denying some stuff that the A.I could do in HL1 is not present in Black Mesa, but I believe the ability for Vortigaunts to revive comrades was removed. (Probably with good reason, having them be capable to bringing things back to life would have been annoying.)


Perhaps you righ, but remember then you reach lambda in half life the first science tell to Gordon freeman he know more about creatures than others dont know. Goordon freeman is are guy who figth with all creatures and learning whoat abilities have and whoat capable . And make creatures weakear And remove abilities bad idea i feel nostalgia one thing that science no longer healing you if you have lower health when you find science with lower hp science tell to freeman could heal him becouse sciences are docktors in half life. creatures more powerfull and its more hard to kill so wthis is why sciences in half life have ability to heal person. But in black mesa removed sciences abilities to heal player and no longer need becouse creatures not to powerful like hl1its more weakear so no longer need science help . Half-life is are legendary game who play this game never forget how cool this game are. But finaly dev team try to make xen creatures smarter and more powerfull im fine with this.