So I am trying to mod the sound effects from the test chamber scene, because I frankly don’t think the revamped Black Mesa Test Chamber sequence can hold a candle to the original in terms of overall impact. It’s a shame, because this is such a pivotal moment in the game, nay gaming history!

I have ripped all the original sound effects from HL1 Source, put them in the CUSTOM folder, and named them exactly as the originals are named. However, Black Mesa will not play them for me! I’ve already modded zombie sounds and some weapon sounds as well, but recently I have not been able to mod particular sounds!! It’s not just the Test Chamber sequence, but even a glock sound effect is not working for me all of a sudden. What’s going on here?!

Is this a bug in Black Mesa I’ve stumbled upon, or am I just doing something stupid and I can’t see it? ?(