TF2's Blood brothers comic, Man vs Machine is close. The game's second ARG

First. I made this thread when I noticed none did, second I did it because if you like tf2’s… curious storyline this is it’s greatest revolution.
First things first: what is Man VS Machine? It’s a gamemode that the tf2 community belives that will appear shortly in tf2. Further explanation in this video:

Now, after this explanation, a second ARG happened these last days on tf2. Here’s the the game’s official wiki explanation:
and lastly, here’s the webcomic:
If you preffer it in a youtube video:


The third (Gray) team - Spectators :smiley:

See, this is exactly why Valve are the greatest video game developers in the world. They make the community jizz all over a teased new gamemode for a five-year-old game. See if Infinity Ward brought out a coop mode for CoD4, or Ubisoft released a new DLC for Assassin’s Creed, nobody on earth would give a shit. Valve games are priceless and timeless.

Slightly more on-topic, this looks awesome.

I agree 100%


Team spectator’s about to get some serious fucking upgrades.

even if that spectator team getting upgraded joke is funny, I expected more therms of discussion than that. The death of both Redmond and Blutarch for example or what would your thoughts of the new gamemode be.

Here it is :smiley:


Oh God Fucking Yes

Looks like the people were right. They are really making Left 4 Fortress 2 before they ship the next Half-Life. Should we expect Counter-Portal next?

All joking aside, this looks really awesome.

I was really looking forward too it… until I saw the walking anti-sentry seamine D:

This will be so much fun.

Time to reinstall TF2.

does this mean the original gamemode is done? 'cause if redmond and blutarch are dead…

No, it’s an additional game mode. Just like Doomsday was. You still get to play whatever you want.

Holy mother of god that looks good. From the looks of it though, we won’t be able to play as Spy, Pyro or Sniper (None of them would really work against robots anyway).

Looks like a lot of fun, too bad for me I don’t have anyone to play with.

All 9 classes will be included.

alright, here’s the wiki’s page about the mode: aparently it will be a 6 men co-op trying to survive waves of robotic enemies controlled by the computer