The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim


Archery isn’t something you can just pick up and use. A rock literally is

anyway the idea is that an advanced version of throwing stones is shooting bullets


i broke it guys


Da fuq!?!?


Explain yourself. :hmph:


countless hours of installing mods


I fell through a well in Whitrun once.


I think I installed too many mods. My game keeps CTDing on load, even when I disable everything except skyrim.esm, update.esm, and dragonborn.esm. I’m even having trouble getting Papyrus logging to work, so I can’t guess at what’s causing it.

I think I’m just going to reinstall, clean out all my mods, and maybe even roll an entirely new character to avoid problems with my old saves.

Edit: Yup, looks like all my saves are broken. :’(


Saves get super goofed by mods gone awry.
Even after you remove them, there’s scripture somewhere that wants to load them.

That’s why new characters, at least for me, always have smoother play than a character I’ve had since last august.
I’m gonna end up just taking screens of his face and presets in the inevitable case that I break the game.


^ The Elder Scrolls experience

More accurately the Bethesda experience if you count Fallout 3


Saved me so much headache.



Incidentally, I’ve been using HiAlgoBoost for Skyrim, and it’s pretty impressive. Incredibly blurry at times, but very impressive nonetheless.


This is the most recent Skyrim thread that turned up with search so…

I’ve installed Skyrim again (all DLCs). I’ve gone down the first page of the Top mods on nexus mods. I’m using NMM and LOOT.
I’ve installed these:

  • The Dance of Death (killmove)
  • Immersive Armors
  • Cloaks of Skyrim
  • Ultimate Follower Overhaul
  • Live Another Life (alternate start)
  • Realistic Ragdolls and Force
  • Wet and Cold
  • Interesting NPCs (3DNPC)
  • All Unofficial Patches
  • A Quality World Map
  • SkyUI
  • FPS Counter
  • Immersive Weapons

I’m going to go through skyrimgems too.

Any opinions on those? And can anyone recommend any other mods?
Also, can I improve performance somehow? Even on low I don’t get much above 30FPS at best.


Those are all excellent mods. Most of mine are just picked from the list of top files as well.

If you have a low-end computer, HiAlgoBoost is a really powerful utility for improving your framerate, if you can deal with the graininess it adds.


Yeah liking it so far. I had way more before, but I wasn’t using NMM and it got messed up.

I’m a bit sceptical about 3d party software to boost performace. Will it put more strain on the computer? It’s not mine, so I should try not to wear it out too much :stuck_out_tongue:
I don’t really mind if it adds graininess or anything, as long as it doesn’t look like crap. Doesn’t look that wonderful on low and at low resolution anyway :smiley:

edit: looks like HiAlgoBoost is on skyrimgems, kind of lowers my scepticism :stuck_out_tongue:

edit: also downloaded these now, going to test out. Hopefully I’ll actually start playing soon :smiley:

  • Immersive First Person View
  • Take Notes
  • Think To Yourself
  • Khajiit Speak
  • Quest Eraser
  • The Choice Is Yours
  • Better Dialogue Controls
  • Better MessageBox Controls
  • Immersive HUD
  • Immersive Questing
  • Death Cam Duration


IIRC, what HiAlgoBoost does is only refresh a quarter of the pixels on screen at a time, effectively quartering the strain on your GPU.

When I used it, it didn’t seem to strain anything, and made the game much smoother. You can also toggle it on and off with a hotkey, so you only need to use it when necessary.


Have you tried…
Skyrim + Enderal mod? Can’t recommend it enough:
Dragon Age 1? It’s a RPG with a rich storytelling. The first one is better than the other two.
Witcher 3? It’s like Skyrim but darker.
Witcher 2 was really great as well:
Banner Saga? It’s not in the same genre, but in a similar setting.

EDIT: Aw damnit, you’re a bot aren’t you?


Ah, Enderal, the story is really great, far better than Skyrim. If compared, I would say that Skyrim was mod for Enderal :slight_smile:

I was expecting the DLC around December with Xen, but I still not sure which will come first.


There is finally release date for Enderal DLC - Forgotten Stories, 14th Feb. They also revealed cool trailer.

I’ve got same hype for this as for Xen. :slight_smile:


Why bump a top that has been dead for literally 4 years?