The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim


I’m pretty sure that most of the shopkeepers have backups who can take over if they die.

Edit: They do, but only in a few cases.


Pyro, are you playing as a male? This lady hereis marriageable and voiced, so you can check her out.


I went werewolf and wiped out Riverwood to see if people came back.

Poor Hadvar has been sitting alone for about a year of in-game time. Only the guards come back.
I’m also saddened that the remaining Stormcloaks and Aldmer don’t respawn. I enjoyed busting into the Aldmer base above Solitude and slaughtering them all. I went back there recently, hoping that they’d have respawned so I could kill them all again and the place is still empty. I have literally eradicated the entire Skyrim Aldmer Expedition. Pfft…the Empire should send me south and I could single handedly win the war for them.


Oh, thanks. I’ll have to check that out.

I’m actually playing a female Khajiit at the moment, but that isn’t technically stopping me. (I really only chose a female because I think it makes my light armor look better.)


There’s a male you can marry here, then :wink:


You guys are so conservative! I’m currently in a lesbian-interracial marriage.




I wonder what would happen if a Khajiit and an Argonian got a child together…



That would never happen, Argonians and Khajiit hate eachother.

… Damn, I gotta hook up with a Khajiit now.


There’s actually a book in the game where someone talks about interracial marriages. Don’t remember what it’s called though.


The phylogeny one or whatever?


Yeah, that’s it, Notes on Racial Phylogeny. If I remember it correctly, the author expresses regret that his scientific oaths keep him from forcibly breeding an orc with someone in order to find out what kind of offspring they’d produce. :fffuuu:


It seems another one of my favorite creature from Morrowind is coming back for the dlc


I think Morrowind stuck with people so strongly because of it’s alien world. Cyrodil and Skyrim are very similar to our world and contain pretty traditional monsters (trolls, goblins, werewolfs…etc) Whereas Morrowind was pretty unique. Silt Striders anyone?


True, that was one of the first things I thought about when I played Skyrim. At least Oblivion had, well, Oblivion, which mixed things up a bit, and far more fantastical monsters to fight, with Daedra and all that. Not to mention the Shivering freaking Isles.

With Skyrim, most of the enemies are either beasts or player-races, and with the setting being what it is, I never really feel like I’m transported to a fantasy land as much as just taking a stroll out in the forest. I guess it kinda makes up for it with dragons, though.


Most of the creatures are really unique and sometimes creepy back at Morrowind
Not to mention the story have a much darker tone compared to Skyrim and the 3 great houses which are pretty cool factions.


I just wonder how long will Dragonborn DLC be since it took me around 25 hours to finish everything in Dawnguard.


I really hope that DLC is good. I may have had some problems with Morrowind’s feeling of gameplay, but I’ll be damned if the world didn’t stick with me like an oasis in a desert


And lets not forget that 90% of the enemies you fight are Nords.
Of course, it would be silly to have thousands of Kajit roaming Skyrim, but it does get a tad boring seeing Nords running around in their underwear.

Seriously…wtf? It’s gotta be freezing and they just run around in barely any clothes at all!


Well, they do spend a lot of their time hiding in caves and old forts and dwarven ruins and god knows what else. It’s not like they get outside a lot.

By the way, if you really do want thousands of Khajiit running around Skyrim, there’s a mod for that. Hell if I know why, but it’s there.