The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim


Ahahahaha what the hell.
It’s like some bizzaro planet of the Khajiit.


So, are there any functional mods that make the skill system more like the old games?


In what sense? Just making it so that you can choose major skills that level up faster? They actually kinda did that already with the guardian stones and perks.

Or are you thinking of attributes?


Attributes mostly. For some reason just choosing health, magicka or stamina annoys me a bit


I have to admit, I do really miss the athletics and acrobatics skills.

It was things like that that made you really feel more powerful as you leveled up.


Yeah. I loved having a high run skill in the previous games.

I remember in particular playing daggerfall, and I started off extremely slow and it took me forever to get places, but by the time I was a high level, my run was 130 and I ran faster than a horse.


I just remember how fun it was being able to jump three meters froward without even moving your body in Oblivion, and changing direction mid-flight.

They probably removed acrobatics for just that reason, but I agree on athletics/running/speed.


Yeah. I wonder if it’d be possible to mod an athletics skill back in?


I want a mod for Skyrim that turns it into one of the past games, exactly pixel for pixel.


I know you’re joking, but there’s actually a mod for that called Skywind.


I’d imagine it would benefit greatly from Dragonborn being released


Yeah, then they’ll have a consistent art style to aim towards, not to mention a ton of already-usable assets and possibly some guidelines on how to make it more consistent with the lore.


I was looking for an acrobatics or freerunning mod a couple months back to match my Connor character.

No such luck. =(


Well, you have to realize, acrobatics in Morrowind and Oblivion wasn’t really acrobatics; it was just a skill that affected how high you could jump.


That reminds me of how much I wish characters in TES could actually be as agile and acrobatic as Ezio or Lara Croft.


Haha, can you imagine the animations Bethesda would make for such actions?


I bet you could do some crazy acrobatics if you had those crazy Bethesda cricket bat hands.


The closest they’ve ever gotten to anything like that was probably the climbing skill in Daggerfall - and they lucked out because they didn’t have to make third person so they didn’t have to worry about it looking like somebody shoved a hand up your character’s anus while he’s climbing.


The best possible option would be to never exit first-person while freerunning. The only reason I enter third-person is to look at my armor, anyway.

Or to see where that bastard across the map shot me with his arrows.


That kind of stuff is something that can be so much better with old block-based games.

It would probably be hard as shit to come up with a system for what you can and can not climb in a world where pretty much every hill, slope, mountain, cliff and house is custom built, without making use of special nodes or whatever, which would be far to limiting in an open-world game anyway; whereas in the old games, those things would all just be a simple vertical wall, all identical, with the same parameters.

It’s the same with the ability to destroy walls, which is a load of fun and help, but would be impossible now.