The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim


Dragonborn DLC coming to PC on February 5th . .


Awesome. Can’t wait.


Honestly, this is really the only DLC I’ve looked forward to.


Honestly, this DLC is the only reason Skyrim is still on my system. I haven’t played it for a long time, but the DLC looked so awesome I just had to keep it installed.


You can pre-purchase Dragonborn now.


Eh, I don’t care for pre-purchasing much, I can wait till a while after release


I played 75 hours os Skyrim in two weeks, got really addicted, but after beating the most important quests (the ones that have steam achievements) and the main quest I just stopped, I got what I wanted out of it and I’m pleased but i don’t really care much for dlc, only if I find them on sale and have nothing else to play. I was a Dark Elf, maxed sneaking and pickpocketing, and already had very high levels of all other thief traits.


if you want to get more life out of the game install this




Bah, I just bought Dragonborn. Should’ve waited, but oh well.

Expect lots of pixelly screenshots soon.


Oh wow. Dragonborn is amazing.

I love the Morrowind music and the new Nordic gear.


Got a link? I would like to hear it (unless they just reused the morrowind music, which I wouldn’t mind but I know them so)


EDIT: wrong song sorry


I think that they actually just reused the music from Morrowind, but I’m not sure.


Any bugs or glitches,how far into it are you?


I’m partway into the main quest and I’ve run a few side quests. Haven’t seen any glitches, aside from a one time CTD, but that’s fairly normal and I’m using the unofficial patch.

I think my favorite part might be the new armors; they actually look warm!

Edit: I’m also really impressed by the depth. I’m running a quest dungeon with an NPC right now, and he has lines with Frea -a new follower, kinda like Serana - even though she has no reason to be there. And there’s a ton of dialouge that changes if you’ve completed various quests in the base game, like [color=’#171717’]Hermaeus Mora addressing you as his champion or Miraak mentioning that you’ve slain Alduin.


Ok thanks,might pick it up in a month or two,too much backlog right now.


I’d like to get and play Dawnguard before I play Dragonborn. Any reason I should skip Dawnguard?


If you get Dragonborn first, you can run some of the Dawnguard quests while riding a dragon.

But I don’t own Dawnguard, so jokes aside, I can’t really say for sure.


I wrote up a list of pros and cons about Dragonborn, so I figured I might as well post it here: