The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim


Are there any dungeons that have a layout more complex then “follow the only hallway that goes anywhere to the end” ?


There’s plenty of them that are very open, but with a set progression through that space. For instance, there was an dwarven ruin full of towers where you had to align a bunch of bridges in order to get to the top, and another where you had to do some really clever puzzles based around collecting control cubes that were used to raise and lower the water level.

One of the more interesting dungeons was a dwarven ruin where you had collect resonance crystals from all over the island and place them in a specific pattern in order to open a series of gates with goodies behind them. Each time you put in a new pattern, the entire room would rearrange itself into a different battle arena.


I’ll have to see for myself, but sounds much improved over Skyrim’s bog standard dungeons that I didn’t really enjoy going through.


Today I decided to wipe Skyrim clean of mods. It was cluttered with hundreds of them and many of them were incompatible.
Oh also;


^ That’s why I prefer to only use mods from the steam workshop. If I’m bored in class or something, I can just clean out my list of subscribed mods from the website remotely.


I completed the main questline of Dragonborn in about 25 seconds. Could it have been any shorter?

The quest where I have to talk to the Hunters is bugged for me and they are just hostile towards me and wont speak.

The dragon flying is boring.


Oh, and to agree with Pyro on the dungeon comment; the dwarven ruin puzzles have been excellent so far.


The hunters aren’t bugged you just gotta be a certain thing for them to be open to you.As for that certain thing, I’ll give you a hint they like it doggy style.


Awww, I cured my Lycantrophy to try and get the Vampire perks award, but didn’t like being a vampire, so cured it before going to Solstein. Looks like I’d better get some more of the hair of the dog.

Oh, has anyone noticed any major difference in the new HD pack?
I really don’t know if I even have it installed since I see no real difference.


The HD pack update only added the higher-res textures for the DLC. It didn’t change anything.


just for the DLC? pfft. lame!


-removed was wrong-


For some reason, I can shout with no cooldown. I have no idea what could possibly be causing this. If it’s a mod, don’t even know how I would determine which one out of 94 is causing this.


I’m gonna be getting Dragonborn, can anyone recommend good combat tweak/overhaul mods that make combat less dull and require some strategy, but at the same time don’t over-complicate it?


busted out skyrim after about a year off, and was instantly faced with a couple of the annoyances that lead me to quit playing it. the commanders of all the imperial camps, why can’t they be killed? I’ve finished the quests with the stormcloaks wining skyrim. I should be able to kill them now right? and I shouldn’t still be seeing imperial guards escorting stormcloak prisoners down the road. are these glitches? or just the way the game is?


There’s a mod for that. If you’ve completed the game and haven’t modded the fuck out of it, you’re playing it wrong.

Even if you haven’t completed it, still get some mods. There are a lot of players out there who have tremendous ideas, and the vast majority of the mods on Workshop or Nexus display this. Most will only improve your experience.

EDIT: And no, that’s not a glitch. Once you’ve completed the civil war, nothing really changes. That was pretty lazy on Bethesda’s part.


Dragonborn by itself is actually pretty hard; it’s intended for high-level characters. I took a lower-level character to Solstheim and spent of most of my time casting restoration spells and running.

If you’re thinking of making a new character and installing a bunch of mods, I’d recommend against it, because unless you’re willing to grind all the way to a high level beforehand you’ll probably get your ass kicked. That said, I’ve heard a lot of good things about these mods:


Bethseda loves to use the gaming public as their QA department. It’s why I’ve never liked any of their Elder Scrolls games that much. A game should be able to stand well on it’s own vanilla without mods.



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Hey, you guys seen this tropical mod yet?

I mean, if you’re one of those guys who enjoys lore friendly stuff then this is probably not for you. Otherwise, this mod it’s a great change in scenery.


Pretty cool actually, I wouldn’t mind trying that.

the fuck is up with his pop-in though