The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim


That does look fantastic; it reminds me of Moonpath to Elsweyr.

It makes me hope even more that TES VI will be set in the deserts and jungles of Elsweyr.


Well I backed up my mods and tried it yesterday, it’s really nice, for a mod. Lots of screenshot opportunities, and changes the whole game around. I wouldn’t mind playing a survival eat/sleep/drink mod game where you aren’t allowed to go into towns with this mod on. Turn off the compass and you can really get lost.


I despise clutter and my hard disk is 9 years old so I try to keep my number of esps under 30.

Does anyone know if SSDs might have any kind of negative impact on games because I’m looking to snag one one of these days


I think that SSDs make loading super-fast.


What? There’s no negative impact on games at all. SSDs just speed up loading times.
However, if you plan to use the SSD as your system drive, consider moving the page file to a secondary HDD. No need to waste SSD space for something that’s practically never used if you have more than 4GB RAM.


Really disappointed with Dragonborn DLC.The main quest is only around 2-3 hours long and some of the the sidequests are glitched and can’t even be started.


I never had any glitches with the sidequests.

Are you running the unofficial patch?


Nope no unofficial patch and I was talking about the “A New Source od Stalhrim” sidequest to be more specific and it wouldn’t even be important if finishing this sidequest wasn’t the only way to get to forge armors and weapons with stalhrim.


Can’t you just buy stalhrim from the blacksmith?


I have more than enough stalhrim but you need to finish this quest to get the actual perk that allows you to make stuff out of it.


Have you tried console commands? to force the quest to activate or give yourself the perks/items if you just wanna give up


Agreed. It feels far too short.
And if you’re a higher level (I’m mid60s) you can pretty much breeze through the whole thing without any trouble


I completed maybe 3/4 of the quests in dragonborn in a single day.


Yeah,I tried everything,the problem is that apparently a lurker killed one of the Skaals(Fanari Strong Voice) while I was fighting it and there is no console command that would allow me to simply respawn her…why in the hell did they made a quest related characters killable in this DLC when in the entire game that was not possible…a fucking retarded idea.


go over to her corpse and bring up the console, click on her, then type “resurrect”

This will respawn her, but she will act like she’s never met you before.


The corpse probably won’t be around any more, the game cleans them up all the time.

You can find the inventories of most NPCs in the hall of the dead for their respective hold, but I’m not sure if there’s anything like that for the Skall.


Yeah,too late for that as I found out that she was dead way after I actually discovered that only through this sidequest you can get Stalhrim perk,but thanks for the tip anyway.


Did you check the Skaal blacksmith vendor? I’m pretty sure that he sold me some Stalhrim gear before I actually complete the quests.


The point is I can’t make my own gear with the stalhrim I found without that quest.