The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim


I am actually glad that they are done with it,hopefully Fallout 4 is next.


I hoped they would keep this one alive and kicking for some time to come, with DLC and graphics updates



Oh good. I really don’t care for fallout that much, tbh. Sad for the people who like it though.


I’d love to see a mass effect-style sci-fi RPG using the mechanics of TES, though.


I’d like to see what Tamriel looks like 900 years or so after the events of Skyrim. Probably just unapocalyptic Fallout with argonians and elves and stuff.

The empire would still wear romanesque armor but with influence from late 19th century-early 20th century german military. Wealthier folk would have basic firearms

The opening sequence that leads to character creation would include a lore-friendly method to let you resurrect/clone your protagonist from any of the previous 5 games, or create a new one. Make one of the featured questlines circle around scientific, technological development and magic existing under the same category so you’d have bands of renegade amputees who have surgeries that allow them use of phantom limbs bound to oblivion, or megabsuters, or whatever.

Effortlessly take advantage of this plot so fan favorite characters could return. Immense profit


While I liked FO3 and thought NV was alright, I found Fallout 1 a lot more interesting. The game’s atmosphere was just so desolate and foreboding, and the way the game depicted the various factions and NPCs just made the whole experience a lot more memorable. I thought the turn-based combat would be off putting but it was surprisingly fun and quite tense.

That’s not to say I didn’t enjoy FO3, but I much prefer the style of gameplay in FO1 and how the world and factions were presented, and the clunky mechanics don’t help it either when I go back to it.


I’d like to see an elder scrolls from an isometric perspective with morrowind style combat that can be toggled to turn-based point n click via the settings menu. Intentionally dated graphics.

So pretty much baldur’s gate with a tes label slapped on


They could easily take it a lot further than that, in fact.

(TES lore, in case you haven’t heard, is secretly weird as fuck)


Would a society based on real divinities and long range magic ever need to develop firearms?


Yeah,THAT isn’t Fallout but I 'm guessing it’s going to be announced this year anyway since they have several studios that actually make games and I don’t think that this particular game is something that Bethesda Game Studios is working on.


Realistically, people who can’t cast magic would get tired of having to learn archery and sword fighting to counter them. Someone would eventually figure out the technology and sell it to frail yet valuable individuals who can’t rely on a bodyguard to stop wizard highwaymen.

and who doesn’t want an enchanted handgun


I want an enchanted gatling drunken nuclear rocket launcher with a ludicrous amount of ammo


“why doesn’t anyone just enchant some fuckin rocks and toss them at people.”

And so begins a new era


Wouldn’t that technology be inferior to enchanted bows?


Archery isn’t something you can just pick up and use. A rock literally is

anyway the idea is that an advanced version of throwing stones is shooting bullets


i broke it guys


Da fuq!?!?


Explain yourself. :hmph:


countless hours of installing mods