The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim


You mean Tolfdir? I wouldn’t trust him. He doesn’t do anything but sit in my room in the hall of attainment and drink. :fffuuu:


I feel he is the one to really deserves to be the big boss, old, experienced and all, but ah, I don’t wanna give up on the cool Archmage room…


Plus you get those bitchin’ robes.

(Though I personally couldn’t stand them because my Khajiit’s tail very noticeably clipped through the back.)


There’s a mod to remove the tail, if it really bothered you that much…

Although, a Khajiit without a tail? Hmm…


No more clone army :frowning:


Funnily enough, yesterday I was all the way up in Nilheim, visiting one of my custom houses, and [COLOR=‘Black’]saw that guy finally meet his demise at the hands of a thug. It was absolutely unexpected, since I hadn’t seen him in ages, but also really funny :stuck_out_tongue:

Man, when will we finally get spoiler tags? :frowning:

Also, I really wish there was a mod that works like the Buddha code in HL2, where your health would go all the way down to 1, but no dying - maybe just stagger. I am a vampire, I’m supposed to be immortal!


If you leave the game running for a while and don’t touch anything, it actually goes into a cinematic camera mode.

It’s amazing how you keep noticing new things in this game after playing for hours and hours.


You know, I thought about my stance on Dragon Riding and actually I think I was wrong.

My main issue was that you could fly around and totally ignore all the lovely scenery and avoid monster fights and generally avoid playing the game!

But then I thought…well so does fast travelling between spots. Most of the combat I do is in dungeons anyway. If you want to be a purest and not fast travel you can also be a purest and not dragon fly, so the choice is indeed there.

Most people will have explored 90% of Skyrim already, so flying over shit won’t make that much difference.

I just hope that the dragon doesn’t attack things. Otherwise you can cheat and just drop him down in the middle of a bandit camp and watch it kill everyone.


In my eyes, being a purist means not taking any shortcuts. It means giving the game a sense of realism.

Thus the Hypothermia Mod I added. Thus disabling fast travel, unless I’m doing something really mundane like moving my entire stash from one home to another. I don’t pass up taking a carriage, though. That isn’t clicking on a map and teleporting there. That’s paying some dude to drive you somewhere. Flying a dragon, likewise, will be taming a beast whose kind you once fought and making him take you wherever you want to go.

Flying a dragon won’t be cheating. It’ll be a way more badass way to traverse Skyrim.


I think I agree with you on that.

I actually don’t have Dawnguard yet. I’m holding off until I am literally completely out of quests to do. I think I’m down to the last 5 or 6 quests in the vanilla game.


I heard Dawnguard wasn’t worth the money. I wish I knew how to integrate a pirated version with a bought game.


I think it is worth the money, actually. You get a truckload of sidequests, and cool weapons :stuck_out_tongue:


Dawnguard is totally worth the money!
And dem crossbows :jizz:


So, I accidentally overwrote my old save while playing around with a new character. It’s not that terrible, since I’m having a lot more fun with archery and dual swords than I was with destruction magic, but it’s still kinda sad that I just lost the character that I put so much time into.

…Which reminds me, I should back up my current save.


Also, in case anyone needs it, I’ve been using this FPS booster and it works great; there’s a noticeable improvement in FPS and load times.


Lol, I run constantly over 60 FPS at all times and loading takes 2-3 seconds. So if I use this, will my load times decrease to a millisecond or something? :rabies:


Hey guys, so I haven’t played Skyrim in months and I’m wanting to get back into it. I haven’t progressed that much into the game really, I have a level 25 Nord and a level 14 or so dark elf. So should I create a new character or continue one of these fuckers?


I’d recommend you restart so you know where you are in the questlines, and also to be sure that you’ll enjoy your chosen build.


Just dinged 60.

I guess I may as well start making some OP weapons now. Slightly annoyed that the achievement ‘Oblivion Walker’ has bugged out and not counted as complete. I’ve completed every Daedric item quest in the game, but it hasn’t registered.


Do you guys know how awesome Skyrim can look with the right mods?