The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim


What the hell is that? It looks sick, almost like if you got the Asteria (another mod) to be pilotable. :0


Graphics mods? I’d use 'em, but my framerate is poor enough as is. Besides, the game is perfectly gorgeous as is.


It’s Dev Aveza, an awesome airship mod.
I’m also using Sharpshooter’s extreme graphics mod and Opticshooter’s Water Redux mod.


Is there a way to easily log all of our mods on here? I’m curious what yall are loading with.

EDIT: BTW, where is your main base of operations located? In other words, what is your main home?

Mine has been my main home for the majority of my play time, but I’ve recently moved to the Asteria. It’s quite extravagant. I’ve risen a few Blacksmith levels simply by forging weapons and armor to decorate the place with.


Solitude’s Proudspire Manor and the Captain’s Cabin in Dev Aveza.



The only really inconvenient thing about it is that I have to go all the way to Dragonsreach to access an enchanter.

I’ve been meaning to decorate it with pretty stuff I’ve picked up on my travels, like those centurion dynamo cores or dwemer scrap metal or jewels, but I’ve not yet gotten around to it.


My house is one I made myself, using bits and scraps from another mod; I liked the inside of the house but not the location, so I removed the exterior from the map, rebuilt the outside somewhere else, and made heavy alterations to the inside, including a bathtub. My house is way way out of reach, haha! I’m a total loner. I named it ‘Windbreaker Lodge’. If anybody’s interested, I can snap a few pics next time I fire up the game. I LOVE the creation kit!


Moonpath to Elsweyr and Sea of Ghosts. They’re both pretty awesome.


I’ve never much seen the point of homes, so I just use Breezehome and the Dark Brotherhood hideout for storage, but that’s about it.


For your vanity. Trophies! Artifacts! Strange and alluring armor!


Sucks for you, I guess. This mod makes it even more gorgeous.


Yeah, I can barely see what that is. It’s different, not better.


Different tastes, I guess. I personally think it looks awesome.
And it’s Markarth, just to get that out there.


I’m using lakeside manor from the Hearthfire DLC. Before that, it was Breezehome.

Bethesda should really quit their habit of putting itty bitty sad houses in the best locations.


Breezehome isn’t sad, it’s cozy!

And poorly lit.


TBH, there are PLENTY of better houses offered in the vanilla version than Breezehme. Markarth, for example, has a much more furnished house with an enchanter AND an alchemy station.


I like Breezehome because it’s so conveniently located in Whiterun. There’s a fully-equipped forge and two equipment vendors just down the street, and in the other direction there’s another blacksmith at the skyforge, plus general and alchemy merchants, all right nearby. It’s perfect.


and a little sad.


Nah man, I don’t really even like the homes Bethesda offers in any of their games. The best ones are mods, like the Hermit Treehouse or, like I said previously, the Asteria.


I should mod it so that Dragonsreach is the player home and Breezehome is the Jarl’s palace. Maybe then you guys will stop hating on it. :frowning: