The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim


Oh, yeah, I’ve tried that. Decorating beyond the very limited amount of provided hangers and racks and such is ridiculously hard, though, so I just can’t bring myself to being arsed. Maybe if someone introduced a rotate button.

At least it’s better than Oblivion, though. Eugh. It really feels like they took a clue from that game’s mods.

Also, I’m going to agree that Breezehome is sad just because Pyro seems to constantly become more and more of the forum butt-monkey.




I’m sorry, it’s just TVTropes making me see patterns where there are none.


Meanwhile, Dr. Strangelove is a Sad Clown.

You heard it here first!


Come again?


Oh my god it’s true!


TV Tropes


Interestingly, this thread is the first time in human history that those exact words have been used.

As for whatever the joke here is, I have no idea.


Anyway, Sad Clown


I’ve been having fun with the creation kit.

They even come with a note from my husbando Stenvar, saying they’re gifts from him :3 Mad props to whoever notices what’s speshul about the helmet!


I have all the houses. I have about 150,000 gold, so I had to spend it on something.

I was using Proudspire as my main house since it’s clearly the most expensive and fanciest. But I decided that I liked Markarth as a location, so I moved my wife and shit there.


I finally made it to Blackreach yesterday. I’ve been wanting to get there for a while, and I have to say it was worth the wait. Beautiful place.

I’d post screenshots, but I had trouble uploading them and now I don’t have my computer on hand. They’d probably be low-quality anyway.


I’ve started writing down my character’s memoirs, since there is no easy-to-use journal-writing mod available. Man, I hadn’t realized I’d done so many things here…

Also, fear me for my double post, but I finished my little attic mod for Lakeview Manor :smiley:




Thankies <3 The CK is such an awesome time sink. A shame modding Hearthfire is the most annoying ever - the map for Lakeview Manor has so many variables and planes that panning around takes forever…


Don’t ever use mods, they’ll spoil you.

Also, you can’t see it but I also have Godrays. I’ve died countless times in the field of battle because I subconsciously found it more important to play around with them instead of realizing more important things, such as the stinging sensation in my back and neck.


Is that a glitch or a really weird shader?


Combination of really weird shaders and textures that make the game a little too colorful. Here’s that same area, but at night.


That actually looks kinda neat, like a completely different, much less gritty game.

But where are all the NPCs?


That reminds me of some other game but I can’t remember which one I’m thinking of.

Personally I think the game was too colourful already, the cold hard north is bleak, dammit, bleak. Also, the sun rises unreasonably early in the game.