The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim


I never noticed they were gone until you mentioned it. Goodness, I hope they’re asleep :S

All my pals said it looked like Skyloft from the new Zelda game, but I dunno. It gives me the same “fantasy” feel.


Hah, I gotta try the game like that some day.


Dragonborn DLC trailer. You’ll be mounting dragons and exploring Solstheim.


Awesome. I’ve never even played Morrowind, but I’m looking forward to this.


Neither have I. Oblivion was the game that introduced me to the series.


I’m excited for this.

I love how that one dragon he gets onto looks just like a fell beast from the LOTR movies.


I finally bought Dawnguard. It’s much better than all the complaining people lead me to believe. When I found Jiub in the Soul Carin I wet myself. It was great to hear the old school Dunmer voices!


I thought it was fucking awesome how they revealed that you’re not the only Dragonborn. Trailer served as a great build-up. I hope we get some new companions fluent in the Thu’um.


Hey, mind the spoilers there…


Hopefully they’ll introduce some of the creatures from Bloodmoon


Beyond awesome! I can’t wait for this, finally I can dump the really crappy dragon riding mods :smiley:


From the trailer I guess those were Rieklings which I saw.

I’m pretty sure there was also a Ascended Sleeper. Possibly Ash Slaves / Corprus Stalker / Zombies.


Unrelatedly, I spent some time at my custom Markarth home today with my pet chicken.

What a difficult audience :frowning:


w-wow what a g-great audience


One thing which has annoyed me about Dawnguard (but mainly about Skyrim in general) is that the Vampires attack main towns. There was a vampire attack in Riften which left most of the NPCs dead. Now Riften is pretty much empty and will never be repopulated.

I want Skyrim to spawn randomly named NPCs to replace those who died!

I did love the quest where my wife had been kidnapped and I had to rescue her!


Ok I think that just made up for any problems I had with Skyrim.


Yeah, I hate how so many NPCs, once dead, never respawn or anything. The world just gets slightly emptier and emptier as time goes on.

…Course, I’ve never actually experienced this myself to any major degree. I’m already on my third character and I still haven’t finished the main quest. I did the same thing in Oblivion.

Edit: I also haven’t married anyone yet. I’m very disappointing by the lack of any marriageable Khajiit.


You could always use the creation kit to make a marriageable Khajiit.


But then they wouldn’t have any voice-acting.


Didn’t beth talk about having family members appear to replace dead NPCs, like cousins/brothers/etc?

Or was that another one of these