The Happy Topic


I noticed there were threads for ‘Rage Topic’ and a few others around the general area of post bad shit that’s happened to you.

So why not see if any of us have anything good in our lives? :slight_smile:

Tax rebate letter came through today £307 being handed back to me :smiley:

Your turn.


I might be getting a raise according to some rumors.


Last time I started a thread like this, it got like six comments and then died a quiet death. Here’s hoping this one lasts longer.


i’m finally starting to “wake up”… my mind is clearing up somehow, the depression is coming to an end :smiley:

i seriously think i have winter depression (apart from regular depression i’m recovering from)


My gaming pc stopped bsod-ing after I upgraded the firmware on one of my Seagates. Everything is ALL GOOOOD…


My life is pretty damn good right now.


My girlfriend sent me a bunch of stuff from Texas and I’m rubbing everyone’s dumb yankee face in it


There was a lockdown at my school today and nobody got shot to death.
So that’s a good thing.
[COLOR=‘black’](Am I doing this right? I’m not sure.)


You are doing this right, as long as you don’t go shouting it was divine intervention.


I’m starting schooling in my chosen career field at the end of the month!


I might actually be in a position to finally buy a feasible computer by the 24th.

Happy Birthday to me.


We’re gonna play Limelight for graduation. Nice to go out with a bang. Our music program has been shit on since day one, but we’ve hung in there. If there was ever a funner song to drum, please tell me, so I can learn it.


All things considered I have it pretty good in my life, really.

A specific thing right now, there’s a festival of sorts coming up this weekend in San Antonio that showcases stuff from all different kinds of cultures that have come to Texas. It always makes me happy, anyway…though that might have to do more with all the great food :smiley:


for extra happy time I recommend watching happy tree friends its so fun!


This, friendships are so beautiful.


I realized just after going to bed last night that my hamstring didn’t bother me at all at kung fu class last night. I guess it is all healed up now and I can kick with my right leg again :smiley:


My Skyrim saves are working again. Nothing was lost after all.

And I get my braces off in four weeks, which means I can finally stop explaining to people why someone of my age has braces to begin with.


I fucked around all semester and somehow barely and miraculously pulled a 4.0.

On a completely separate note, my blackmesa username has been all funky like this for so long I can now log in with it as fast as I can my normal username, thank you Raminator :smiley: .


It stopped raining!


had a fun night