The Happy Topic


Are we talking about pizza now? My favorite for many years had tomato sauce, cheese, ham, tuna and shrimps. Don’t know why, it’s pretty tasteless compared to other alternatives.
Last one I ate had béarnaise sauce and bananas, somehow actually tasted OK.


Bananas on pizza? That’s new.


Why are we talking about pizzas?

We ALL know it’s a lie.


My favorite pizza is traditionally something with all of the meat on in including bacon and hamburger, but one exceptionally good runner up is the one I had made with mozzarella, tomatoes and feta cheese.


So I was talking with an Asian-American person and I made a funny.

I laughed far too much at this. I need to stop hanging out with myself so much, I’m a bad influence.


For a moment I read that as “I made a furry.”


we all know what’s on your mind, Pyro. There’s no need to bring it up at every possible occasion


Says the guy who’s always going on about weed.


Well at least his can be a practical skill that can be put to use in the US in the near future (*I hope).


smoke weed and dont fuck a dog every day


Who’d like a pizza cake?


pizza pie > pizza cake

also pizza ninjas > pizza pirates


pizza liberation front > pizza party


Pizza zombies > pizza ninjas > pizza pirates

Pizza zombie parties > pizza ninja parties > pizza pirate parties

I couldn’t eat that pizza cake, it’d be too squishy inside Dx I like kinda crispy pizza


Arbitrary pizza-related comparison object > slightly inferior arbitrary pizza-related comparison object


front for the liberation of pizza > pizza liberation front = pizza party = evil

death to the infidels


pizza front of judea > the romans > judean pizza front


IT WORKS! 5 hours of work later and I finally replaced my fucking window motor (the regulator) on the passenger side.

Car’s put back together and no more fucking putting a tarp over the window. I’m going to say this now, if your motor stops working, just put it up any way you can and don’t bother removing the regulator, it’s a bitch to remove and put back into the car unless you decide to take the door apart completely, if you do, good luck with that.


I just found out they’re bringing back BIONICLE in 2015. all aboard the Hype-train!


I was made an admin of a popular TFC server, yay.