The Happy Topic


I got snuggled with by a 20 and a 22 year old, and they were both sober and extremely beautiful :’) one looks like Eve Green, only smaller.



Someone just gifted me a code for a Titanfall Season Pass, but when I tried to redeem it I got an error message and the DLCs weren’t added to my account.

I had to go through EA support. The only option available to me was to chat with a representative, and I had to spend over an hour waiting in queue before I finally got to speak with a representative… Who was very friendly, immediately fixed my problem, and also gave me a 15% off coupon code.


Tiki, what server is that? Are there bots? I want to play TFC but there’s no good servers without bots. I hate bots.


No bots. The server is called:[indent][COLOR=‘LightBlue’]ShemWorld - Coming Soon (No bots)[/indent]

It is hosted in NY, run by a nice fellow in the UK, and it has friendly fire on.


Origin’s support is surprisingly good.


Incidentally, if anyone wants to buy anything on Origin, I don’t think I’ll be using that code before it expires. PM me.


I’ll check it out. I love friendly fire. I live in California though. I wish I could get a good west coast server with decent ping.


Since no one’s been happy for a few days, I’ll bump this thread again, because I’m babysitting my friend’s cat! And god damn do I love cats. More than I love skunks. Little Miss Mack is keeping me company. She’s adorable.


So I opened Firefox, and it had trouble recovering my previous session: A whopping about:blank tab.

Windows 7 Pro comes with a speech recognition program. It was running, visible toward the top of my screen.

I muttered to Firefox, regarding its attempt to restore a nonexistent session, the words “I didn’t ask you”.

The speech recognition program minimized and disabled itself, running off to hide in the systray.

I felt kinda bad about it.

There’s no Sorta-funny-Sorta-guilty thread, so I figured this is closer to Happy than Rage.


I started using beard oil and my beard dandruff went away almost immediately. Also, I now smell slightly like bergamot, which is still a plus.


Stores have started stocking up on Julmust.


It’s never too early for yuletide.

Can beard oil be used on non-beard growth?


i started using bard oil and my lute is smooth as fuck now


I expect that all hair-care oils would be basically the same if you were to look at the ingredients list. The only difference is that most hair-care products are marketed at women, so if you just buy, for example, tea tree oil, you end up with something sort of flowery-scented. Because beard oil is marketed exclusively at men, it’s either unscented or “man”-scented. Mine contains bergamot, so it’s very slightly citrus-y smelling.

The better thing to do with your scalp (assuming you are talking about your scalp, and you’re not thinking about oiling, for example, your chest hair) is to stop shampooing all the time. It strips all of the natural oils out of your hair, which dries out your hair and scalp and leads to dandruff. My hair is naturally slightly oily, which is fine. When it starts to get greasy (which it does when it gets longer and/or I get sweaty), I cut the grease out with a few drops of shampoo. I only do a full shampoo-condition after I swim, when I need to get the chlorine out, and I do that for both my scalp and beard. Otherwise, I wash my hair by combing it out in the shower.

I’ve started oiling my beard separately because you can’t exactly wash your face without also washing your beard, so my beard gets soaped and dried out. And no, my beard isn’t glistening with oil all the time. I work a small dab of it into my beard with my fingers every morning. It’s the same level of oily that you’d find in a healthy cat’s fur.


Wow, that was all very informative and well-written. Thank you, I’ll see what can be done. You live up to your name!


I installed a new modem/router combo and my internet’s working again! :smiley:


It just rained for the first time in at least a month, and now some parts of the property could almost be considered green!


The cofounder of the startup I work for just gave me two sticks of 4GB G.Skill Ripjaws-X RAM at 1866MHz. This is literally exactly the RAM that I was going to buy for my new build next month. It’s 6 months to 1 year used; used to be in our Jenkins server before we upgraded it to 16GB.


… I learned something new for once. It’s a fucking miracle.