The Happy Topic


Fucking finally the solstice has passed.
I’m so sick of the darkness.


Psht, I’m going to Stockholm in January because of how early darkness arrives over there during winter!


Yeah well it might be cool for a while, but try dealing with it for five months and the vitamin D deficiency and the winter depression and the whatever other physiopsychological effects that follow.


Tried googling Palookaville on maps so I could empathize with you but had no luck…


So, for Christmas/New Years, I received a 900 watt power supply (haven’t installed it yet) and I’ll be getting an Oculus Rift DK2!


I had a pretty successful job interview round today. I had five interviews, three of them with pairs of engineers and two with single high-ranking employees. I got a couple of technical whiteboard questions and solved them both without making an ass of myself. The interview lasted for the full scheduled five hours, which is a terrific sign.

Now I’m exhausted, because I went in on two hours of sleep, because I was too anxious to fall asleep last night.


I finally figured out how to dual boot in spite of the incredibly locked-down BIOS provided by my new laptop. Hurray!!!


Sooo… Fortress Forever got released onto Steam today, the community was tiny at first, but more people are playing now A LOT more people. 3/4 of the people I didn’t recognize on the server I decided to slip into today.


I’m a TFC loyalist, but being on Steam makes FF worth installing and playing from time to time, particularly people who have a bias against older games.

Neat news. It might just steal some players from TF2-- that would be an improvement.


Aye, same. It’s a shame that FF had/has such a small community, hopefully over the next few days more people’ll be willing to install it and play it. Around this time normally there’d only be one server of maybe 18 people on average, 20-22 if I was lucky. Now there’s 2 servers full and 9 servers with a decent amount of people on them.

That’s pretty fuckin’ successful in my book.


Yeah, I was around for the beta testing of FF, way back when, under a different moniker.

Matter of fact, catzeyes was somewhat regular on the forums also. it never got the recognition it deserved because of Team Fortress 2 being released within 24-48 hours of FF. I’d really encourage people to play it. Sure beats the kiddie version (TF2) of Team Fortress.


I’m actually mildly surprised by the number of players who’re trying it. I dominated most of the pubs I played in today, but that’s only because I’m a veteran of many years. I dialed it back quite a bit to let some of the newer players get into it without getting frustrated.

It’s refreshing to say the least, it’s no longer the same routine and there’s actually a two-sided game for a change… hopefully the count keeps up and the community retains the new players.

The only thing that annoys me is that I’ve logged well over 1,000 hours into the mod, I wish my steam client would’ve realized that…


Was finally able to upgrade my motherboard, RAM and processor, should be coming in sometime today. ^-^

Now whether I made good choices, I actually have no idea, but it was in budget.


Oh goodie, I’m finally on my way to the glowing half of a submarine.


Make sure to wear lead-lined boxers! :slight_smile:


A friend invited me over to “speed-run” race through Half-Life 1 singleplayer. He has only played it a couple of times before, so I took my gingerly time with it. Like being careless enough to run into the test-chamber beam pre-RC. … Both of us have work tomorrow morning, so we took a pause for the night; I’m halfway through Questionable Ethics, and he just finished On a Rail. :stuck_out_tongue:


Sooo… I applied to a position at Bethesda Softworks yesterday morning and a recruiter sent me an e-mail this morning about taking a C++ test to eval my skills. It’s not an interview, but it’s at least a consideration.




Pretty good. What was that, 10x10?