The Happy Topic


If you get in, build a testing framework for Papyrus.


It’s for Zenimax. I won’t be in a position to screw with TES:VI. :stuck_out_tongue: … I think.

Edit: Update on that. I did what I could, not entirely satisfied, but it is what it is. Some things were a little above my head, so I have A LOT to learn that much is obvious. It’s in their hands now, so with any luck I may get that interview. If I do get the job, fuck yes, because I’ll get the job I want practically right out of the door.


I wish you luck, that’ll be pretty kickass!


Thanks. Hopefully I get the job, I’d LIKE the job.

My inner cynic’s telling me that the chances of getting an interview let alone the job are remote though (though higher than normal because the position calls for Programmers as in plural). Who knows, I’m thinking I’ll know something by the end of the week if I get contacted or not and get an interview. Slim as it may be.


Actually, you won’t get the job. Every other interview they have lined up is with a team of programmers. There’s no way a lone programmer like yourself will get the job.


That could be said about every other programmer there.




You don’t get it, every other applicant is an entire team willing to work for a single person’s salary.



I think itls fairly obvious that minimum-wage laws can be circumvented by volunteer labor provided in tandem with officially employed persons.


I got an awesome job in web development! Couldn’t be happier with it.


I found out today that I am being hired full time at the company I’m currently interning for.

My 26th birthday was this week, so I was about to lose my benefits as per the ACA, but now I’m going to be hired on the first of June, so there will be a seamless transition into my new work benefits.

The weekend after this coming weekend, I’m moving into a swanky studio apartment in the city that I got for a screamin’ good price, compared to other units in the area.

aww yisssssssss


Granny gets down.


Going for my Security+ (401) Certification. Got all of the material down and I still have a day left till the test (Wed). It SHOULD be a breeze, but there ARE unexpected things that happen occasionally.

For the clueless.


Guys, my studio is awesome.



Mine has a torpedo-room. :3

…Downside: About 130 roommates.


I was trying to figure out why my slick new 100/100 Mbps connection wasn’t performing. Turns out I just had to upgrade from this old Linksys router that I got when somebody left it in a house I moved into.

That’s more like it. It’s pretty novel to watch Steam download something at 12 MB/s.


Got third row tickets to see Tommy Emmanuel, one of the greatest guitar players alive, on November 20th!!




I’m hella jealous Dx