The Happy Topic


I’ve just received few gifts on my birthday today which is pretty nice; that’s includes: Bloodborne, and Batman Arkham Knight on the PS4. :slight_smile:
The reason why I want PS4 version of Batman, is to avoid the performance issues on PC that everyone is having problems with.


So, picked up my workout routine a month ago and I’m used to it finally. I’m getting quick results, lost 6 lbs (2.72 KG) in one month, plan on keeping it up.


I Just got myself some tickets to go see Black Sabbath’s last concert next year. I can’t wait to see them, it’s gonna be awesome. :slight_smile:


I’ve just got given the go-ahead at work to completely rearchitect one of the hacked-together script solutions we use into a proper software package. I’m so excited about this that I actually spent several hours working on it from home this evening.


This coming Friday, I’m seeing Tommy Emmanuel perform live and I’ll also get to meet him prior to the show.

Comparable seats like mine, 3rd row in the center section, are being offered for sale online for just a little over $700 each but, there’s no way I’m selling mine!

Can’t wait!


I just went against a team that made it to the finals in The Gentlemens League (Evolve) and came out on top. I’m a bit flabbergasted that I won…


Just got Oblivion OBSE working on the windows7-reverted-from-10 computer FINALLY.

Get wrecked you Frankenstein windows 10/7 monster. GET. WRECKED.


Had a really good first date with a girl I’m interested in. On the shitty side, she just left for winter break and won’t be back for a month and a half so I have to wait a while on a second date.


Cute girl at my workplace seems to enjoy spending time working near me/ talking with me as we work. Has a nice laugh. I think she’s been dropping hints as to giving her my number but I’m socially awkward as hell.
I wrote it down on register paper today and have yet to give it to her.

Then I looked her up on facebook to track down information on whether or not she’s actually single and I’m trying to figure out if I’m a creep or just paranoid of having my heart broken/ getting wound up over something that won’t happen. So maybe I have chronic anxiety or something. BUT FACEBOOK SAYS SHE’S SINGLE SO THIS COUNTS AS HAPPY.

I’m weird.


Maybe we’re both creepy but I check Facebook too.

What’s worked for me is I’ve just taken to, if I’m interested in a girl and we’ve talked at least a few times, I just ask her if she wants to get lunch with me. It gets a lot more no’s (or excuses that strongly imply no) than taking your time and seeing if she seems very interested (and deciding if you’re really interested or not) but it gets to the point a lot faster and cuts out the ambiguity. And lunch isn’t all too committal anyway.

Maybe try asking her to lunch? If you invite her to lunch for the next day or something and she says yes you can get her number in order to plan the lunch. Two birds with one stone. In my woefully limited experience that seems to work better because being really forward and asking for a number/giving a number can come across a little awkwardly.


The thing about her “dropping hints” though, funny story- I was trying to find a nearby gas station and she told me to wait until she got off work so she could look it up on her phone. I waited 15 minutes after her shift ended then assumed she left and found it myself.

Next day, we talk about that when I bump into her and I distinctly remember her saying something like “I thought you had gone with another friend and I didn’t have your number to check.” I should have said right then “I can fix that” if I was quick witted but I spent the rest of the day trying to figure out how to pass it to her without other coworkers seeing and gossiping about it or something and this is why I have trouble with these things.


There’s nothing to be afraid of… just pass your number and think nothing of it, simply say you enjoy spending time with her if you don’t want to leave the wrong impression.


I also found her on facebook but friending her out of the blue might be bad.

headdesk Do I just have anxiety or what?


Yeah, you do. Understandably so, of course.

Soo I got me a fancy new car recently after my old POS (but trusty) 96 olds cutlass supreme crapped out on me. It’s a shiny new Mazda 2. Well not really NEW, as it’s a 2012, but newer by far and in perfect condition and with only 60k miles on it. I like it quite a lot. Pretty sleek, speedy, good on gas, and only costs like 15 bucks to fill from empty.

The downsides to this are my car payment of 210 a month coupled with my increased insurance amount from 95 to 210 dollars as I’m still a high risk driver and it’s also on financing. That’s the catch, but I get warranties out the ass till 200k miles due to the manipulation of the price tag. Woulda been a 9k dollar loan instead of 12k had I been able to dish out more money as a deposit (my old car was worth a pack of gum and a soda, both opened, stale, and half gone) .

Oh, and now I’m situated in a nice condo, paying only 600 a month in rent and maybe 300 in other bills, and making 1800 a month . My job sucks ass but it pays me well enough to look past it, so I’m generally pretty happy right now with everything.


'Grats Massey. Hopefully the price of the insurance will be reduced with some time.

Yes. I’d be a dick and say grow a pair, but I don’t want to be that guy… I said it anyway though.


Most likely it will, it’s just cause it’s on finance and I’m only 23, so I’m in that “high risk” zone for insurance companies. So I hafta get the heavy duty insurance alongside my “high risk” issue, despite a perfect driving record for like 5 years now with only one accident, and that accident wasn’t even my fault. Thanks for the congrats!


Merry Christmas to everyone!


Just won a 3D printer worth $16,000 retail (uprint se) in an online CAD competition!


Goddamn, congratulations! :open_mouth:



Really stressed out about an upcoming Software Engineering phone interview in which I’m going to be asked to code on the spot via Google Docs. Just boosted my confidence a lot after reading three research papers the recruiter recommended I look at and not having any trouble with the material. Also on the list of prep was “be familiar with at least two sorting algorithms (recommended quicksort and mergesort)”. Was able to code mergesort from scratch just from memory. Was able to code quicksort from scratch after reviewing the algorithm for a minute on youtube. Got it right on my second compile (first compile was just fixing a typo).

Feeling like I might actually have a chance at this job.

I’m actually feeling a lot of gratitude to my professors right now. They had a very conceptual and puzzle/algorithm solving emphasis that I kind of resented but now I’m realizing that they emphasized EXACTLY the kind of stuff that you get in interviews.