The Happy Topic


That’s great!! Congratulations and best of luck on the interview!


Sorting’s a pain in the ass with programming, if you can do that, you should be fine Garth. Best of luck with the interview, just relax.


I can sit on my haunches!! I’ve never been able to do that before; my lack of calf flexibility would always make me fall backwards.

Of course, you know what this means. Ass-to-ground squats are now open to me.


Well our minds went two different places.


Welp have my Google onsite tomorrow. Thank god they’re letting me interview in the San Francisco office, it’s a bitch to get to the Mountain View one.


I’m going to Amsterdam tomorrow with my two best friends, one of which I haven’t seen in half a year. It’s gon be nice

Anyone familiar with the area want to suggest stuff to do?


Go swimming in scenic Shark Bay

Pet a playful Tasmanian Devil

Embrace a cuddly Death Koala


Have my shit shockingly well together right now (this is my life progress desktop sticky):

The classes listed are the ones left that I need to complete my (second) major. Underlined means I’m currently taking them.
I should hear back from Google today or tomorrow…

EDIT: Heard back from Google! I’m in the final stages, but I pretty much have the offer in the bag at this point!

Also friend set me up on a date with her friend. Then a day or two before the date my friend tells me the other girl changed her mind and decided she isn’t ready for anything yet, but wants to go as friends. Annoyed, but don’t cancel the plans. We ended up talking over coffee for three hours. Really not sure how I feel about the situation now.


Roll with it and see where it goes. This generation is commitment phobic as hell so just do your best and be yourself. :slight_smile:


This week I:
Had dinner at the top of the Seattle Space Needle
Got a job offer from Amazon
Performed acceptably on a midterm
Got a job offer from Google

It’s been a good week!


I got a new toy: a 4-bay home NAS. I’m setting up a 6TB RAID 10 in it as we speak.

I’m gonna be able to store so much anime.

I also discovered this morning that the outlet right on the other side of my desk is on a different, higher-amperage circuit than the one that my PC and peripherals have all been plugged into. Before today, my entire rig was plugged into one 15-amp circuit that also powered all of the other outlets in the bedroom area of my studio, and the bedroom lights, and the kitchen lights. I’ve been having the breaker trip every once and a while, hard shutting off my PC.

The one right on the other side of the desk is on a 20-amp circuit that’s only shared with a few other outlets over in the kitchen. The refrigerator happened to be on it, but randomly, there’s another outlet on its own 20-amp circuit over near the refrigerator, so I moved it over. Now my PC, monitor, and speakers are on essentially their own 20-amp circuit, and I’ve got my new NAS and wireless router over on the 15-amp one.

This should stop the breaker tripping. Who knows; it might even fix the weird videocard startup issues I’ve been having, if the issue there was that my PC wasn’t getting enough juice.

EDIT: This NAS is fuckin’ tight. It comes with an app called “Container Station” that can host Docker and LXC containers. Now I’ve got a Deluge daemon running in a Docker container with the share mounted, turning the NAS into a seedbox, and because Deluge is awesome and supports a client/daemon configuration, I can connect to the daemon from my PC and you can’t even tell it’s moved.


In the town I go to college in, ever year around graduation seniors can’t figure out what to do with their shit. Many of them being trust fund kiddies (and all of them just being too lazy to give a fuck), they just leave it on the sidewalk for people to grab for free. So my Freshman year of college (three years ago) I found this nice free lounge chair on the sidewalk. I dragged that shit single-handedly about 10 blocks to my house and have been using it as my battle station chair ever since. My friends always give me shit for it because it’s huge and barely fits in my room and isn’t even intended as a desk chair.

Anyway, today another friend of mine decided he wants one so he looked around and found the chair online. It retails for about 2K. Feeling pretty smug right now.

So far my haul of free trust fund kiddie shit has made it to:
A lounge chair
A large computer table we’ve re-purposed into a living room table
A small side table
An oak coffee table
A mattress and bedframe (former tenant couldn’t be bothered to move or resell the thing when I moved in)
Small nightstand


I used to furnish my entire apartment on dumpster-diving day in my college town. I still have a gumball machine I dug out of a dumpster.

EDIT: I RMA’d my video card finally. Slapped the new one in this evening. Instant boot, no weird fan spin-up, motherboard POSTed immediately. Awesome.


I started talking to a close friend I haven’t spoken to in like 5 years, again. I forgot how nice it is having someone who has a lot of the same mental/emotional issues as me, and that just wants to talk for hours on end, all day or night about personal stuff. Anxieties, depression, dissociation, self-hatred, it’s hard to have in-depth conversations with most people about that stuff, especially ones that don’t feel one-way, so now I’m all happy about having someone who can, and genuinely wants to. A lot of the time our conversations end up being a weird back and forth of one trying to convince the other of how great they are since they doubt it, but when there’s a real topic at hand, it’s so nice.


Welp… despite my better judgement I decided to cave and get Windows 10… I’m already missing the more simplified version of 7.


10 and 7 are pretty much functionally identical, with two main exceptions. One, Microsoft are trying to move away from the control panel to the Settings app, but only about half of the stuff is actually transitioned. And two, it’s ugly as hell. I hate these blocky white menu bars. I want my aero glass theme back.


I don’t mind it, but I did have a shit load of issues with some of my games after switching to it. But I can’t say for sure if it was a direct cause of changing from 8 to 10, orrrrr if it was something else entirely.

Now I gotta nice new Lenovo, and it works fine, so whatever.

Also, finally I’m off of light duty, and I’m back to working my regular shifts at work. But I dunno, my back still feels shot.


Took my first of three finals this week yesterday. I was really stressed about this class because I missed a homework (4% of my grade) and did mediocre on a project. They already got us our grades back and I scored in the top 10% of the class. Feels pretty fucking good.

One Final tomorrow, and one final the day after and I’m done with college. So close I can taste it.


Sweet, Congrats there bud!


I went and bought a new mattress and bed yesterday at the bedroom store my brothers both worked at. One of them worked there as a delivery driver for about three years. It’s a local, family-owned mattress and bedroom store.

I felt like a mafioso shopping in there. I dropped my name, and I got 20% off on my mattress, and they comped my delivery, and they’re going to remove my old metal bedframe, which they don’t normally do, and half the staff came out and greeted me. The sales guy was on the phone with the warehouse saying, “How soon can we arrange a mattress delivery for Tom’s brother?”

When you’re family, everything is taken care of.