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I get a medal for shooting Expert with the M9 Beretta. Yay!


note: this was my 4th time ever shooting


Niiiice! I assume the target was thoroughly dead.


i am a very flat two dimensional person and this is racist


Paper or plastic?



So I was strolling down the street near our flat this afternoon and I came to realize - again - that I pretty much love the place where we are living at right now. Literally everything I need and like is within a 1 - 10 minute walking distance. There are two supermarkets right opposite our building and another better one just down the road. My favorite bar is just around the corner, our son’s kindergarten is just a 3-minute walk, my work place is just 7 minutes away, our street is really quiet but just another block away there’s a lot of nice cafés, bars, restaurants and so on. There’s a beautiful canal very close by, lots of big parks that even have urban farms and petting zoos. Our flat might be a little small, but it has a nice balcony and we get along with most of the other tenants real nicely. Sometimes I can’t believe that we are actually considering moving to Brazil.
I know, this awfully reads like the perfect Airbnb ad, but I keep forgetting these details sometimes, especially when you’re in daily routine like I am right now.

Anyway, long story short: Berlin can be a real nice place to live in.


After months of inactivity I managed to pull myself out of a depressive episode long enough to finally get some work on some projects done. Even though it’s a lot less than I would have been happy with before, I feel so nice and accomplished for the time being. <3


I’m in Peru right now. I’m teaching 3D printing, electronics and programming for a month to students at a highschool here and in return the whole trip is all expenses paid. I’m staying with a host family in their giant mansion. The trip just started and it’s already been really good (but a little stressful trying to live up to the students’ and the teachers’ expectations).

And this whole thing happened because the guy who organized the program was looking for participants when he walked by a makerspace I help run and decided to come in and talk to us.


Fancy stuff. Do you usually do any teaching?


Bring me back a souvenir.


I did a lot of teaching student run classes and tutoring at my university.

In all seriousness, if you PM me your address I can mail you a souvenir.


Your avatar nicely fits that statement, even though it comes along a bit more heroic. I like to think that you commence every class by entering the classroom and before saying anything or even greet anyone there’s always the same statement in a deep voice: “Whenever someone is illogical…I will be there. Whenever someone is wrong, I will tell them why.”

It’d be quite motivating, actually…


Haha maybe I’ll try it in class tomorrow morning.

There were elusive promises of a stipend for this trip which I really didn’t care about because come on it’s a free trip to Peru, but today I learned I’ll be getting paid $800-1000. Holy shit I’ll be coming back from this trip with significantly more money than I left with. I’m tempted to turn down the stipend, it feels like too much.


See, I say the same thing about free money. And I’ve yet to actually do it. Call it avarice, but I’m broke as hell and would probably kill or at least seriously injure for 800 dollars at this point.


It’s definitely true. When I got the stipend it turned out to be 1000 Soles not US Dollars (worth one third as much) and definitely felt a little disappointed.

Trip is going really well here. Met an incredibly attractive girl at a house party, had the whole generic make eye contact across the room thing, have hung out a couple times after that. She’s a professional baker who bakes desserts and is going to study baking in France. She’s pretty much a dream girl for me, but the language barrier and cultural barrier makes it incredibly difficult to make any sort of move and makes conversations pretty awkward. Plus there’s the whole thing where I’m going home in two weeks and will probably never see her again. That’s a pretty big bummer. I’m supposed to be taking her to a nice restaurant in about an hour, but I haven’t heard from her since we agreed on dinner last night. Feeling really stressed that she’s bailing.


I demand an update to the fancy restaurant dinner story!


Chinese takeout and netflix for one


Exciting update!
She didn’t reply until like 10 minutes before our scheduled dinner ):< and of course bailed, said she left work late and was stuck in really bad traffic.

But we rescheduled to the next day and ate at a really good restaurant, one of the best dinners I’ve ever had, and then went to a park after and kissed a little :stuck_out_tongue: . This weekend we are going sand boarding with some friends and staying at a hotel that looks like it’s out of a movie.

The one catch is after Monday I will probably never see her again ):.


So she bailed, rescheduled and ACTUALLY showed up next time?

Are you magic


Whoah, that looks genuinely aweseome! Have fun!

Don’t expect the worst just yet. I once fell in love with a girl and she really liked me, too. But she had a boyfriend back then she was really satisfied with. Nevertheless, we got close and kissed and enjoyed being close. Yet, i knew she would go back to Brazil with the intention to not come back. And her boyfriend would come visit her, too. I thought I’d never see her again.
But we kept contact and after a while we realized that there still was more to it. Her boyfriend visited her and went back. Shortly after, she quit him, booked a ticket back to Berlin two days later. I picked her up at the airport, we kissed and she never left again.
She’s my wife now and we have a beautiful boy together.

Anyway, I keep my fingers crossed for you two!