The Happy Topic


I’m thoroughly confused…

I apparently own Overwatch even though I never bought the game in the first place. BLIZZARD Y U CONFUSE ME?!

Edit: False alarm it seems, it still confused the shit out of me.


One Punch Man airs on Toonami on the 16th, and two days after, Steven Universe is off hiatus, and four days after that, the new Sonic whatever is going to be announced.

Fuck that week between things, that’s when I have to go on mission in Memphis. I don’t even know what we’re doing this year


Believe it or not I think she actually left late and had bad traffic the day she bailed.

Damn, that’s a pretty incredible story, congratulations man.

I’m pretty bummed right now, I’m about to leave for the sand boarding trip and her parents told her she couldn’t go at the last second. It’s very different here that at 20 you still have to ask your parents permission. Oh well, I think it’ll be hard for sand-boarding at a desert oasis to not be fun even if she’s not coming.

But, keeping on-topic, I’m arranging a shorter return trip in October with the school I’ve been teaching at here, so another free trip to Peru. Last night the coordinator of the trip took us out to a really fancy dinner and took us to what was basically the Peruvian equivalent of the bar from Lost In Translation.


Two of my best friends are getting married to each other tomorrow. I just got home from the rehearsal dinner (I’m a groomsman).

I’m so fucking happy.


Bomb as fudge!


It looks like my apartment manager might finally be doing something about the constant weed smoke and vaporizer fumes I’ve had in my room.

All it took was six months of complaining and finally threatening to escalate to the property owners.


I’d hate weed, but vapor smells bomb usually.


What the fuck is a rehearsal dinner?

You guys actually prepare for that?


Apparently NBN construction has started in my area - a bit earlier than the Q1 2017 date I was expecting :slight_smile:


The wedding party gets together the day before to rehearse the wedding. Who’s walking in in what order, how the ceremony is going to be laid out, everyone’s duties, etc. Then the families of the bride and/or groom treat the wedding party to dinner.




So recently I was accepted for a position in the customer care center as claims customer service with State Farm insurance. I started today.

Im still in onboarding and I am literally so fucking happy with this job already. The benefits are endless, the opportunities to grow and move up are endless. They give you the training and education you need, for free, to get better pay and a better job.

I have never felt so welcome to a place. Ever. I have never been this hopeful and happy to go to work the next day, ever. I have never looked forward to my future as much as I do now.

I feel like a void in my life was filled, and that all my worries about what I’m gonna do with my life are now laid to rest.


That’s a good feeling. I felt that way when I started my current job, too.


Welp after an age and a half of searching around, I have a lead on a small game studio in my area. The guy I got in touch with said to check back in December/January, so that’s what I’ll do. It’s more than I started out with frankly.


I’ve got a reasonable grasp on the hiragana and have started learning the katakana, so I’m starting into Japanese grammar and planning to pick up Kanji as I go along.

In the examples I’m reading, I have so far already known every vocab word they’ve introduced, which is a really cool feeling. Granted, it hasn’t been many so far - hito, gakusei, genki, tomodachi; and da and janai for declarative and negative conjugation, respectively. That’s got me wondering what janaiyo (janayo?) means, because I hear it all over the place, too.

Listening to the language be spoken for years in anime has actually made it feel really familiar.

EDIT: Japanese continues to be awesome. Every time I learn the pronunciation of a word I realize I’ve heard it a billion times and it slots into place with all the anime I’ve watched.

Also, I’ve had a pretty bad headache behind my eyes lately. Yesterday I took my glasses off for a couple hours, and it went away. I got an updated lens prescription a couple months back that I’ve been really lazy about filling, so I went and got that started today.

I also worked out yesterday for the first time in a week (hadn’t been because of schedule madness). I start to feel pretty squirmy/jittery if I haven’t worked out in a while.

Lots of cool little things coming together to make life awesome for me at the moment.


Sooo I got in touch with the HR person I was raging about Wed, I made it through the first round of screening processes and in the secondary set. I’ll know by next week whether I’m a reservist for the Fed Gov (FEMA) or not. It also means I’ll be employed. Woo!

I get to travel around to different states and US territories when I’m needed on the Government’s dime.
I get paid for it.
I get to stay outside of my current residence for a few days if not weeks at a time. Considering my house mates bug the ever living fuck out of me, that’s a good thing.
I get to help people.

The work sounds grueling at times. 14 hour work days.
Disaster zone.
My laptop is a piece of shit since I don’t like watching TV and there’s no guarantee I’ll have internet where I’ll be at, so I’ll be bored out of my fucking mind.


Wow, you’ll actually be out in the world protecting chickens!


Bring a book.


Went out swing dancing with a friend I’m kind of into. We danced with each other and mingled around dancing with others there. Met one insanely cute girl from Chicago who was crazy friendly and trying to move to my city. Got her on Facebook-we’re grabbing dinner or lunch or something before she goes back.

Ended the night walking back my friend. Kiss her before she gets on the bus. We arrange a second date for after she gets back from Christmas.

Just in general have been getting really positive responses from women (from kissing her to touch on the shoulder with someone I recently met etc.) than I’m used to. Started a new anti-depressant and haven’t noticed a super big difference but I’m wondering if it makes me come off more natural or positive or something. Also only recently really figured out using physical contact to communicate interest. Feel silly for not having figured that one out until 22.

Also got my hair cut in a totally new style which seems to have been received well. Was a good night.


Yeah, unfortunately they forgot to tell you that that particular anti-depressant makes you impotent.

Oh, well…