The Happy Topic


Haha oh god don’t scare me. One of it’s potential side-effects is decreased libido…


I just got a Asus GTX 1070 Turbo.
I’m ready to take on Xen.


Holy shit. Probably one of the best days of my life.

Went out with a girl I met last night swing dancing. Get coffee, eat at the San Francisco ferry building, go outdoor ice skating, sneak past a fence behind the ice skating rink to play in a huge pile of snow-like ice left behind by the ice machine, go out onto one of the piers and watch the bay bridge all lit up, walk into a hotel lobby pretending to be guests and snuggle by the fireplace, and walk out on some stepping stones just above the water at a fountain. Making out at every location starting at the ice pile. Hands down the best fucking date I’ve ever been on.

Then I get home and my brother messages me saying his girlfriend’s mom is giving away a 97 BMW automatic in really good condition. Picking up my free car tomorrow.

Like what the fuck even was this night. I’m back at my place trying to cool down a little. Like holy shit.


Dude, that’s some awesome night right there.
Did you find a rare item that gives +10 in Charm?


Not saying nerdy stuff like this in front of a girl gives you +10 in charm.


Do you hit me if I say it’s the christmas spirit? :stuck_out_tongue:


This might be good news for some:
Apparently GABEN will do a reddit AMA tomorrow…


It’s actually an AMABT - Ask Me Anything But That


So cute girl from Chicago who I went on an insanely good date with a few weeks back is officially moving to San Francisco (where I live). Pretty hyped about that.

Just got back from a really fun trip in Europe. Went to Prague, Munich, Barcelona and Madrid. I actually really really disliked Barcelona because a lot of the locals seemed incredibly unfriendly (fucking Catalonians) but I completely fell in love with Madrid. I went on the best hike of my life in a small town outside of Prague. And drank beer with a bunch of locals in Munich.

Met a really attractive British girl during a layover in London. She’s going on vacation to San Francisco for a week. Got her on Facebook and we met up to go biking yesterday. Biked over the golden gate bridge and on a whim went to a super fancy seafood place. When she caught on that I was into her she let me know that she has a boyfriend, but she was really cool about it and we had a great time just as friends. She also insisted on picking up the $130 bill at the seafood place.

Both her and the Chicago girl are 29 (I’m 22). Kind of think I might like women who are a bit older than me. I feel like there’s so much fucking less bullshit involved. Especially with early 20s girls I feel like if hit on them they just turn me down but use my interest in them as a way to boost their shit self esteem.


I’ve had really bad experiences with girls as they turn 22. It’s like a magic number I’ve since learned to avoid.


Yaaaay, my new computer runs great! Now I’m waiting on about 20 Steam games to finish downloading… Fortunately, the first one I queued was perfect for a performance test.

And I have to say, I’m fairly impressed:


(note the bottom-right)


You have to remember the fundamental question:
Can it run Crysis? No computer is beast w/out running Crysis on max.

EDIT: That shit could’ve easily been forged using host_framerate! I JUST FIGURED OUT DAMMIT
Also, cl_showfps 1 tends to work better without mitigating your ability to read the HUD.


999.3 fps


How do you get above 72.5fps? I know my computer is capable of doing that as the Lost Coast stress test reported over 200fps but Half-Life 1 seems to be locked at 72.5fps when vsync is off.


In console type ‘fps_override 1’, then type ‘fps_max 99999999999999’ to get as big a framerate as possible.

EDIT: If you’re thinking of playing HL1 with an unrestricted framerate, unless your computer is a potato, don’t. Higher framerates = more time for NPCs to turn, and when you have huge FPS it takes 10 seconds for them to turn.
However, if you’re thinking of bhopping or doing the Infinite Health Door glitch, yeah go ahead I couldn’t care less.


Thanks! Here’s mine:

Not as insane as Tiki’s but it makes me happy. :slight_smile:


Oooh! You know what? With that bigger resolution, I think you more than compensate. :slight_smile:

…edit: you made me curious, so I re-tested with a higher framerate cap-- 1200fps to 1700fps in most areas-- and slightly over 2000 fps while staring at a wall :S … I can therefore recommend the gtx 1080 to friends and family in the future.


Peasant 500fps (700 max) with 1080p resolution, and turning the resolution down makes it worse somehow.
At least I don’t have to suffer with the inevitable 60 hour long NPC turning rates though.


Annnd I finally snagged an interview for an IT position at a small business in the next city over. Fuck that took long enough.

I know next to nothing about Web Design, but the CEO who I’ve been in touch with for around 4 months now pestering for a job is willing to take a chance on me since I have a serious programming/scripting background. That’s the vibe I’m getting anyway, hopefully it’ll go well.

He said it’ll transition from part time to full time if I do a good enough job and the team he has there likes me enough.


That’s exactly how I got started in my current job in IT. If you get in, admit right away when you don’t know stuff, ask tons of questions, and soak up all the knowledge you can.