The Happy Topic


Feeling pretty good right now. Mom’s back from her parents in California, finals week is over, new Steven Universe, Dragon Ball, JoJo (well the dub at least) and Sonic Boom episodes coming regularly, and to top it off, I actually have enough money to buy a new console on launch for once (though, I probably won’t be, seeing as how Nindy’s handling supplying the thing to retailers). My dad’s got a job that he actually enjoys, my sister’s had a ton of fun watching One Piece with me, and my dog is probably going to continue being alive for several more years.

I often question my valuing dark storytelling so highly when my reality is devoid of much pain or drama.


You should change your name to Lighty then.
Good to see you’re feeling good about yourself, I think that’s always important in life!
Anyone who gets the joke will receive a free hug from me


He already knows I know nothing about it. lol The guy I’ll be working with said its fine, so its a huge risk they’re taking on their part I completely understand that. So I’ll be doing exactly that when I get home on Monday and studying the shit out of HTML and start working on a project in HTML to learn the ropes.

First thing I’m going to do for when my questions can come up is “If I do get this job, what tools are we going to be using?” Because it seems Visual Studio may not have that functionality I need or I’m just blind. I also switched gears and I’m now prioritizing the HTML5/CSS/Java Script cert from microshaft I was going for on a whim to a top priority because of this instead of focusing on the C# cert. Studying that test for a few hours a day is mind numbing… In case you didn’t realize, I want that full time position.


Update: Welp first interview went down, from my prospective it went well. I was straight forward and honest and they didn’t seem taken aback by my lack of previous work in terms of tech. Since one of them asked for some sample code to get a gauge of where I am and to make a programming test centered around it, I spent around a fucking hour trying to get GitHub to cooperate with Visual Studio to no avail. I gave up and ended up and uploading the individual files instead of the entire project to it.

Soo I should hear something back by the end of the week and by the end of next week, if all goes well, I should get a formal offer from them. Woot!


I´m often happy too, right now being one of those moments! I´ve kept myself very busy and (stressed-out) with university-studies since last fall but it´s starting to pay off: most of my courses are passing. One of those courses is called Numerical Methods which in my field of studies is generally considered to be a fucking nightmare! But I passed and it´s finally starting to look like I might graduate someday :slight_smile: Aaaaand there´s more: I was elected straight from the interview to a great summerjob as a shift supervisor in a cardboard mill! I know it sounds boring but for student a summer job as a foreman is a career booster. Yup, I think that this weekend I´m gonna have a few beers and just chill!


I got to meet, and shake hands with, Alice Cooper today at work.

Unfortunately, I can’t carry my phone at work so I didn’t get pics. But I’m so happy I met him, he’s one of my idols.


I got to operate an electron microscope yesterday!


I’ve been in 3 reactor compartments the past 2 years, but that’s not as exciting as it sounds.


At the register at work we have this notepad that’s supposed to be for inter-shift communication but it’s mostly just doodles and fun notes we all leave each other. Well today I looked at it and there was an exchange that kinda made my day.

“Christian is the best guy ever <3″[/size]
"Maybe :slight_smile: "

Like, I can’t [/size]even believe people think about me at all when I’m not around, esp. not [/size]to write something nice. Naturally I just responded by writing “I hate that guy” and went about my work, but it was a really nice way to start my shift. Esp. considering I was upset with myself for something yesterday.[/size]


And thus begins the magical turnaround of Crypt.

Pick one of these songs to best describe your mood:


Congratulations, you left a positive impression.

In all seriousness, you always leave an impression on people wherever you go, this includes on the internet, regardless if you mean to or not. That said, you’re a more likable person than you give yourself credit for.


People won’t always remember the things that you have said but,
they WILL always remember the way you made them feel.


I can’t say I fully understand the appeal here but this made me giggle


this isn’t as awesome as some of the other posts, but:

i found a bunch of staples lying around that fit my stapler, and they were all joined together plus my stapler was out of staples.
yay i didn’t have to buy some more staples (people like to use my stapler cuz i bring a mini-stapler to school, so they ran out fast)


My second son was born on 30th may. He and his mother had an incredible quick birth, but everything went very well. So well that my wife went out of her way and claimed that it actually might have been a “nice” birthing. I was so damned impressed by the two of them. They did an incredible job.
The first son is coping in his own way having a brother all of a sudden. I think he doing a good job so far and we are trying the help coping with his overwhelming emotions, but I think he is doing ok for now. But i’m spening a lot of time with him when I can, so he won’t feel left out. He’s helping changing the diapers of his new brother, too, which is lovely.

Until now our little baby seems to be a calm dude, which is kind of relieving, but we’re going to have to see how he’s going to develop. But all things considered I must saying I am really enjoying my time right now. That might be due to the fact that I am on parental leave for a couple of months, which aren’t exactly holidays, but as I am kind of tired of my work anyway and I really wanna spend time with my family, it is very welcome.


I bought a new full-frame camera. It cost a lot of money and it made me happy because now I don´t have all that stupid useless money lying around! Just kidding. I mean I´m happy I finally got it but it also put a big dent in my wallet, so…


Well, I start working at an actual paying job this Friday.

I’ve been on this forum since I was a sixth-grade kid who screeched at the sight of blood in games.


Last Friday I finally handed in my master thesis after almost two years working on it - with heavy interruptions. I had to cut some corners in order to meet the deadline, but I am pretty happy with the product, all in all. Had to scrap some graphics and pictures, the print could have been better. there’s always room to improve upon, but it just feels so good to finally hand it in and get this done. In the final phase this thesis was heavily affecting our daily routine, which can be quite a hassle as is with two little kids.
So, yeah, I cannot describe the relieve I felt when this was over. This is another major milestone in this year of big changes. First, my second son was born, now I am finally done with my thesis. Next up will be quitting my job at the cinema after almost ten years and either getting job in my field of work here in Berlin or move to Brazil to start something completely new.

Anyways, for whom it may concern, I added a picture of the thesis along with an abstract. The title translates to: “Where I was born runs a river. A Brazilian landscape portrait.”

Belo Horizonte is one of the first Brazilian cities to be planned on the drawing board. Since its foundation at the end of the 19th century, however, the city has developed quite differently than it was conceived by the planners. This was one of the reasons why the many rivers that cross the city today are invisible and run in concrete canals under large roads and serve as sewers. This master thesis first examines the history of the development of the city in the form of a landscape portrait and considers the gradual degradation of the rivers within the urban fabric. The second part lets the inhabitants of the city speak by means of interviews. Qualitative statements from these interviews serve as a reference point to the memories and the connectedness of the inhabitants to their rivers. The results from both parts will serve as the basis for the discussion of the potential restoration of the rivers of Belo Horizonte.


Nice! I applied to one of those yesterday, not sure if I’ll hear back or not.
I should probably apply to more, since I need money to not die.

And congrats on the completed thesis, Wayne!


Started working at a new place exactly a month ago, after having a shitty soul-draining work for 3 months.
Great people, no fixed worktimes, startup feeling, games in the kitchen… I’m sold. Can feel my happiness growing.