The Happy Topic


I am officially cancer free!

Yeah God! Woot woot!


Glad to hear!


Bloody great news! So happy for you!


And i quote: “Begone you inferious beast!”

-random non-existent fantasy character


So after one of the worst weekends I’ve had since this summer (see the Rage topic), I was not at all expecting something happy to happen.

So I stayed late in class lab today and a couple of other students were there with me. Lab is closed up and me and one other student, a friend of mine, exit the building. We run into a friend of my friend’s, and they decide to ride with me back to town instead of waiting in the cold and the approaching darkness for the bus. We all had a very fun time joking our way home, and I drop off my friend first. Then my friend’s friend attempts to have me drive her to HER friend’s house to work on a class project. Cue almost an hour of driving in circles and hilarious and flirty banter. She got my number after we arrived.

It’s nice to be reminded that people aren’t always shit.

…She’s cute too.


I got promoted! Sort of. I’m moving to a new role at work; duty-wise, it’s not really a promotion, more of a lateral move.

But, moving into the engineering organization of a tech company means that, compensation-wise, it was a tremendous promotion. As part of negotiating the move, I asked for what I thought was a pretty aggressive raise. They nearly doubled it… and increased my bonus target, and dumped a bunch more equity (company stock options) on me.


Went to see Tommy Emmanuel last night and he was amazing as usual. For those who don’t know, he’s been called the greatest guitar player on the planet! Even Eric Clapton called him simply amazing. I tell my fellow guitar players not to watch him, because if you do, you’ll just end up throwing your guitar away and say I QUIT!


Narrated by Sir Patrick Stewart


Came home from the gym today to find that my past self bought me bananas. Holy fuck, I love that guy.


I usually buy bananas but my future self forgets I bought them for him and then they just grow old.


2 things:
After a scare my mother was taken the hospital for stroke-like symptoms. It was just an inflamed nerve, some sort of neurological issue, but its not as serious as it could have been.

A guy I know reached out to me and is thinking of putting together a game similar to Evolve, so the ball is slowly starting to roll on that. I don’t have my hopes up, but it looks promising.


Warm thoughts and prayers to your mommy.

Keep us updated on the project. Stuff like this should be applauded.


Well update on that; she’s back home. Just one side of her face is partially paralyzed, but is otherwise fine. Its not too serious, she has something called Bells Palsy.

As far as the project, its still in the conceptual stages. I’ll post something about it if it gets off the ground.


Bells Palsy is certainly weird, funny, and alarming all at the same time, however it will go away and it isnt permanent. My mom got that some years back and it was all stress related. It eventually went away and there were no repercussions from it. Good to hear she is back home!


Sooo today while I was on the job, I rescued a kitten from getting run over by several cars on Rout One. There was very little risk involved other than stepping into a lane and picking up the poor critter.

I ended up taking her to an animal hospital before continuing with my shift. She was fine, no injuries, just some very scary time on the road and very nearly getting run over by several vehicles before I grabbed her. One of the people there ended up taking her home with her when I checked in to make sure she was alright. So all in all, she’s doing fine. I can’t take care of an animal at this point in my life, I don’t have the time, money, or energy. Cruel as that may sound, I wouldn’t be able to do enough, she’s safe now and that’s all that matters to me.


My friend calls all pets chickens. You, sir, have earned your username.


Golf clap for the chickenprotector for doing the right thing and saving a life!


Today I passed 1000 kanji (Japanese characters) learned in the Kodansha Kanji Learner’s Course. I was studying 4 a day (one page) for a long time, then over the past couple months, went up to 8 a day (two pages). I’ve also been using unofficial kanji and vocab Anki decks every day to review my progress.

1300 Kanji left in the course.


I’m not sure how to feel about this.

TL;DR: Happy game project is chugging along, albeit slowly, unnerved at how much work I have to do with it. I need another programmer…

On the one hand, the project I’m working on with a couple of other guys is going along quite well. I got a UML doc, I got a design doc a mile long, and I’ve already started coding the basic elements in between working. I feel it’s at the point where I can start brain storming about what characters/weapons do what imho.

The other hand, is that I’m doing the work of at least 5 people due to the small team I’m working with. Welcome to game design 101.


Finals: World Championships Death Diving 2018[/size]