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That is DOWN right stupid. :smiley:

But seriously, that takes guts to jump and fall from that height


Superpod of Dolphins


After about 15 months of chipping away at it, I just finished the Kodansha Kanji Learner’s Course. I now know (or am at least acquainted with) 2300 Kanji, including the entire Joyo list, the list of Kanji that the Japanese education ministry mandates be taught to Japanese people as they progress through school.

That 20-30 minutes I spend on it every day can now be allocated to something else - reading some manga in Japanese, maybe? I have the first volume of Dungeon Meshi for that purpose…

The way my flashcard review routine works out, I’ll still be adding new cards for the course to my Kanji review deck for the next few days, but then the new cards will stop. Currently I spend most or all of my morning commute every day during the week reviewing those Kanji flashcards, and since I’ll no longer be adding new cards, the amount of time I spend doing that will slowly begin to dwindle, as well.

This is such a big milestone in my Japanese learning.