The Last Film You Saw.

Talk about the last film you saw and rate it.

For me, It was “When did you last see your father”

I rate it… I dunno, I can’t really rate it.

I never cry and this film made me drown. :[

The last film I saw was X-Men Origins: Wolverine.
I give it a 7/10.
Though the story was thin, the action was awesome. And that’s what you want the most in an X-Men film. I do atleast.

punisher war zone, 2/10 but i watched it 2 days and i watched dragonball evolution at the same time, also 2/10. Dont watch them …

The Spirit…
Weird stuff. Still awesome though. Kinda. Dunno what to rate it xD

The last film I saw was a (slightly) old ‘man in the iron mask’

The start was scary, but when it started turning into more of a romance, I left.

Across the Universe, I’m kind of a big fan of The Beatles.

In theatres, Wolverine. At home, 30 Days of Night (this morning before school).

Hod Rod
It was pretty funny, nothing fantastic though.

National Treasure 2
There weren’t as many puzzles and it wasn’t as fast paced as the first one. other than it was good.

At the theater, Watchmen. At home, Van Helsing. I’m a fan of adventure films.

Watchmen was epic. Saw it twice. Can’t wait for the 3 hour 10 minute extended dvd version.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine. 6/10. Some sweet action, but they shat all over Deadpool.

Star Wars IV: A New Hope - 7.5/10

Fast & Furious 4, 7/10,kinda too epic.

Yes Man - 7/10

Last film I watched was “The Big Lebowski”, again, because I hadn’t seen it for years and thought I’d freshen up my memories on that one.


Blade Runner. 3/5. Time has gotten a grasp of it.

The Way of the Dragon. Epic movie.

Air bud (I had nuthing to fucking do!): 6/10

Just saw Star Trek. And man it was awesome. Glad it didn’t dissapoint. Though a slight bit thin on story sometimes, the overall experience, the spectacle, it was fantastic. I love how J.J. Abrams thought of using glas in front of his cameras so you constantly see kind of prism-ish reflections which really help give that modern feel. The colours and such were also fantastic, so was the cgi. All the bright colours give it this great optimistic and futuristic feel. This is truly one of the finest, if not THE finest prequel ever made. A graphical masterpiece.