the new update wont let me launch my previous save


ive played through this game till about a bit past the point where you arrive at the armory and you gear up in surface tensions. after this i had exams to study for and the update came out, i never got to finish the game. when i click on my previous saves it says this save is incompatible with our current version please restart from the new game chapter selection.

my question, is there any way i can get to my save without starting all over again in surface tensions. thanks



There is no way. Old saves break the game.

You can start a new game from that map, though. You can open the console and type:

map bm_c2a5f

That will start you in a new game on that map. But you might not have any equipment - you might need to use the console to give you stuff. If you’re really adamant on not replaying any of the chapter, you could start from the map after that one, using:

map bm_c2a5g

C2A5G does start you with equipment if you start a new game from it. Might be a better alternative.



cool thank-you for the help much appreciated



and one question what ever happened to the snarks?



Nothing…there are more in our game than ever, and the new Surface Tension maps feature 2 new encounters with them both as enemies and as pickups!



oh nvr mind u get them later