The "OMG this game is on sale is it worth X bucks" Thread


It happens often enough.

Today it’s Bioshock 2 for me: $4.99. Is it worth it? I liked the first one, but if the second one is exactly the same, I don’t know that I want to dish out five more bucks for it.


Actually quite the opposite. It’s the same running theme, but it was different enough for people to get mad at the differences.

It’s worth it, don’t bother with the multiplayer though.


Sims 3 complete for $79.99?

Steam, you bastard.


Nobody gives a shit about Sims. Anyway, 10 dollars for BFBC2 and Nam.


I bought Just Cause 2, steal at £3.50


Got GTA classics and Return to Castle Wolfenstein. Got Hydrophobia: Prophecy last week for midweek madness.

  1. Are you interested in this game?
  • a: Yes: Look it up in Youtube or play the demo or pirate it
  •    b: No:  Pirate it anyway (maybe you  have friends who want this game)
  1. Do you like this game?
  • a: Yes: goto question 3
  •    b: No: Don't even pirate it. It sucks.
  1. Could it possibly be fun to be played for a longer time?
  • a: Yes: go to question 4
  •    b: No: pirate it
  1. Does it have a good multiplayer?
  • a: Yes: goto question 5
  •    b: No: pirate it
  1. Do you like the people who made this game?
  • a: Yes: buy it
  •    b: No: pirate it

Or just wait until the price has fallen to an acceptable amount which is around 10€ for me.
I think every game is worth 10€ at least.


Bought Oblivion and BC2 Vietnam so far.


Not all games need multiplayer. For instance, the average 50+ hour JRPG. No replay value really but as long as you dig the story and/or the mechanics it’s worth the money.


Look at that, BF BC2, Vietnam DLS, and Spec act for only 10 freakin’ dollars, this is like for free!! While shitty Blops costs 40 bucks plus 10 bucks for each of 2 DLC’s, so pathetic.


“Hey, did you know Fallout’s on sale” I bought it
“Halflife 2 is on sale” bought it
“Serious Sam” bought it
“…” bought it, bought it, bought it

I have more games than I’ll ever get time to play, but I got them cheap! :smiley:


how many tickets has everyone got? I have 6.


Fighting big daddies in bioshock 2 was much more fun if you ask me, not quite as chaotic an disorienting. in fact, big daddies in bioshock 2 are probably my favorite enemy to fight in any video game I’ve ever played


That’s exactly what I was thinking.


CoD MW2 is $20 on Steam (only today).

I know most of you will say it is shit, but I bought it anyways :stuck_out_tongue:


OMG this game is on sale at TPB is it worth 0 bucks?


I don’t give a damn anymore when that pop-up comes up. I’ve got most of the PC games I want to play in my Steam Library, I don’t need to buy anymore PC games. Yeah, it prevents me from getting exclusive hats in TF2, but frankly, I couldn’t give 2 fucks about some damn hat in TF2 if the game I’m buying sucks (which is usually the case).


Assassin’s Creed Collector Pack for $27.19

Is it worth it?
I am a fan of AC and had played all of them.

And also, Can I use an Xbox360 controller for it? I can use it for GTA4 when i bought it a while back.

P.S. - Is the ACII guide worth $0.89? lol


Yes and yes.


Thanks, the xbox controller support makes it a must-buy.