The "OMG this game is on sale is it worth X bucks" Thread


crap lol

surely there cant be that many more games that could interest me right? :S


Fallout: New Vegas for $5. Yes? No?




epic yes, also, the DLC is half price too, and this is DLC that adds quite a bit to the game as in hours of gameplay (not stuff like just items and so on)


Human Revolution 50% off today. I have been considering it.

I may also pick up GTA4+episodes finally. (75% off)


Picked up Serious Sam HD 1 & 2 for 3€ well worth it for a bit of coop fun : )


Rainbow Six Pack for $9?
Splinter Cell Pack for $11?

I’m still looking through them too :stuck_out_tongue: .


Is Splinter Cell Double Agent worth it?


It’s not a bad game, but it’s probably my least favorite of any of the Splinter Cells I’ve played.


Chaos Theory is my favorite of the series. The open level design, the new knife and melee moves, all the upgrades to the graphics- it was simply one of my favorite games of the 2000s.



Well I’m picking up Thief before it ends.


Considering getting Bulletstorm. Is it worth the $10?


It’s worth a rental. Really goddamn fun in that “Painkiller” sort of way. The dialog is also so ridiculous as to render the whole “serious” story completely devoid of meaning. Stuff like this:

“Oh, you’ll kill MY dick? How bout I kill YOUR dick? How 'bout that, huh?”
~Grayson Hunt, attempting to use this line on a female soldier.


Bulletstorm is an incredibly fun game, but yeah, the dialog tends to be goddamn retarded.


QFT. Easily the best Splinter Cell game too. Double Agent was a steaming pile of shit compared.


Definitely. Chaos Theory is still one of my favorite games that’s ever been released.


Chaos theory is definitely the best one in the series. The first one was a good game for it time, but it have aged.
Pandora Tomorrow I never finished because it doesn’t work on modern computer hardware, shitty console port with broken lightsources. Double agent and Conviction sucks, too many daylight levels.


As far as Double Agent goes, it’s really down to which version you play.

So far, my favorite version is Version 2 Xbox- the gameplay is much closer to Chaos Theory than the Version 1 on 360/PC. Sure, the graphics aren’t as impressive, but you also get co-op. It really is the better game of the two.

And Conviction was fun. It just wasn’t Splinter Cell.


I liked Conviction a lot, but yeah, if anything it’s comparable to The Bourne Identity series of movies, as in it’s more of an action-stealth game, but it’s still quite a good game.


Oh, but it was far better than the actual Bourne video game. “The Bourne Conspiracy” tried to be good, but it just… wasn’t…

Conviction really shares more in common with “24,” narrative-wise. If only the actual “24” game got made like Conviction, then it would have been a different (and far better) game.