The "OMG this game is on sale is it worth X bucks" Thread


I didn’t realize that Bourne or 24 actually had video games. Huh.


Yep, and I played em both.

“24: The Game” was actually surprisingly decent when I played it, although that is probably just because I like the source material. It was one of the earlier shooters to use a cover system (being a contemporary of KillSwitch), it had one of the show’s writers doing the plot (filling in the gap between seasons 2 and 3), and it had driving and shooting gameplay.

The shooting relied too much on a lock-on system that could get glitchy on enemies that were too close, but I appreciated the aiming system because of how easily one could preform Mozambique Drills (near the end of that clip, when Vincent unloads into those two hoodlums). The overall handling of the characters on foot didn’t help either, but the driving by far was the most problematic, control-wise.


Just bought Batman AC on origin for 25 bucks.

I almost feel wrong that I didn’t get it on steam, but there was no sale today :frowning:


Man, the sales are already over :frowning: ?


We should actually be happy, that Steam is making so many sales. Moreover, a new one is coming next month.


Should be a good one. Tryna get Saints 3 and Serious Sam BFE this time round.


Yeah, and Counter Strike next year (I think)?


Just picked up Bastion for $5. I knew it would go lower if I was patient enough…


Homefront for 5€ on Steam.

Bought it just for the hell of it.




Who the hell doesn’t already have it?


me :frowning:


I didn’t until it went on sale last month.


I have it twice- PS3 and PC. Of course, the PC version instantly crashes my computer on load…


got homefront for the hell of it too


I didn’t have Oblivion, thanks for the heads up, slurping it down now.


Good job wasting money on a game that wasn’t even worth that much.


Eh, it’s not that bad.


I remember dragging myself through the entire campaign (which admittedly wasn’t long) just so I could say I saw it through to the end and it wasn’t even worth it.

and i didn’t even pay for it.


I tried playing it once, and wasn’t feeling the “Modern Doorfare” vibe it was giving off.

L4D2 75% off today if anyone is interested.