The "OMG this game is on sale is it worth X bucks" Thread


The Force Unleashed 1 and 2, 75% off.

I’ve heard horror stories about the PC versions, but thought the first one was alright on consoles. Are the stories about the PC ports true? (metacritic ratings seem to point to “yes”)


Only bad thing I’ve heard about the PC ports is that they take up like 20GBs of space. That doesn’t mean that nothing else is wrong with them though.


Why on Earth did you get TFU2 in the first place? It’s a shameless cash in and the plot is uber stupid.


Yeah, I’ve decided to pass, after reading a couple reviews. The first was simply okay, and the second, from what I’ve read, is a step backwards.


Do you guys this that there’s any chance of Red Orchestra 2 going on sale before Christmas?


not really


That, and they’re nigh unplayable without a controller. Well, the first one at least. Never played the second.


Someone on SPUF pointed out that Just Cause 2 is on sale as an instant download for $2.49 on Amazon today. Unfortunately, it’s probably only a valid deal in the US.


Magicka is currently 2.49USD. I hear it’s glitchy but fun with friends, but unfortunately none of my friends play it since they’re all TF2 addicts. So…do any of you play? Perhaps a BMS Magicka group?


Holy balls, guys, someone on SPUF dug this up:
It’s an Amazon direct dowload edition of Deus Ex: HR for $10.


Anyone try Serious Sam 3 yet? I really want it, but even with the price drop I’m not sure it’s worth it.


Age of Empire 3 on Steam?

I bought it anyways, but now I want to see Halo and Gears of War there too.


X-COM complete for 5 euros? I remember playing something like original as a kid, somehow - even beat it. Those other games… Pffft. Y/N?


If it had been AOE II, I would’ve bought it right there… :frowning:


Nuclear Dawn(Source powered FPS-RTS hybrid) at low price.


True dat. Wal-Mart sells (or used to sell at least) the gold edition of AoE and AoE2 for like $10. Pretty much the best $10 I ever spent on games.

I was so disappointed with AoE3 though. I know Blizzard gets some flak because SC2 seems like mostly just a graphics update of SC1, but that’s really what I wish AoE3 had been to AoE2. The gameplay is just so good there was no need to change it, and I think most people liked the medieval time period better anyway. And all the advanced commands were ballin, they don’t even exist in games like SC2.


On steam,

Today´s Deal:
Painkiller Complete Pack 5€

Midweek madness deal:
Flatout complete pack 15€!!! <---- getting this! :smiley:


It’s Flatout, not Fallout.


yup sorry. quite an important misleading typo there :stuck_out_tongue:


Don’t buy the third one!:aah: