The "OMG this game is on sale is it worth X bucks" Thread


Is it that bad? It was all part of a package aniway, I loved the first one and second one, the Ultimate carnage was essentially a muich better version of the second one (almost remake) which loooved to bits, havent seen any reviews of the official third one though

  • They changed the developers

  • It has even uglier graphics than Flatout 1.

  • The physics are completely retarded.

Don’t buy it. They turned a good race game series to its death with this game. The developers have no fucking idea how to develop a game. Don’t get fooled. It sucks so bad.


thats dissapointing : ( so did bugbear go under or something?


Sonic Generations 50% off y/n?

I enjoyed most of the demo, which is to say, I enjoyed the side scrolling.


Get it if you enjoy the demo and don’t listen to another person’s opinion, including mine.


It’s the best Sonic game since Sonic Adventure 2.


DNF for 5 bucks, y/n ?


n. Very much n.


For $5, IMO it’s worth that. If it entertains you for 2-3hrs, at that price it is cheap entertainment.


Really? Well, damn…

I bought a wicked-ass porn video the other day and it only lasted me 2 minutes.


You only lasted 2 minutes, or the video did?


Who even looks at porn, much less pays to do so


Even for manky it’s hard to stomach more than two minutes of pony porn.


lol no :expressionless:

Can’t even joke about something that wickedly unnatural.


Yeah, I got it on sale too. Killer game. My only gripe is you can’t go inside the buildings.


Hey, if anyone has a coupon for RAGE that they’d be willing to trade, shoot me a PM please. Shoulda bought it when it was on sale


Deus Ex and it’s DLC are on sale this weekend. As are the Serious Sam games.

I just picked up all of the DX:HR DLC’s, and it added the gold coupon I forgot I had. Total came to a tiny £2.50 :jizz:


I found Mass Effect 1 & 2 at gamestop for only $20 (PC versions)
but I also found
Red Orchestra II for only $18.99 (at some other online store)

What should I get, I mean I love me some Mass Effect, I beat it on Xbox several times, and I guess I should beat it on PC so I can be ready for ME3, but Red Orchestra II looks pretty awesome and well worth the money, what do you guys think?

Also, I think the sale on Mass Effect is ending soon.

Edit: Man I love living in an area where nobody plays PC games and are completely oblivious to the fact that they even exist.
My local Wal-Mart is selling Skyrim for only $40 lol, Fallout New Vegas GOTY(Ultimate Edition or whatev) for $20 and alot of other good and relatively new PC games for cheap, so it’s like a Steam sale only it’s everyday, permanent, and for new games only lol XD.


I dunno. I own pretty much every Tripwire game, and I still think Killing Floor is far and away their best game; it depends on how much you liked RO1.

With Mass Effect 3 out soon, it may be fun to play through the first two. Just be warned that the games are mostly famous for their story and decision-making, and the combat, while not bad, is nothing special.


assassins creed revelations 50% off $24.99.

Worth it?