The "OMG this game is on sale is it worth X bucks" Thread


Yesss, and no. I Bought it full price and I liked it, the multiplayer and the story, but the problem is that they are making me mad by milking Ezio, I really don’t like him as much as I liked Altair, but if you don’t have AC, ACII, and AC: Brotherhood, then no, because you won’t have any idea of whats going on, unless you just want multiplayer.


I got all of them.

I just needed reassurance that it wasn’t complete crap.


It’s just more of the same. I personally haven’t played very much because I felt it was stale. I’ll let it sit for a bit and then go back to it and hopefully I’m able to play it. The bomb making is pretty cool.


Now its Saints Row the third 50% off. $24.99

I don’t know much about it.

Whats the verdict on this one?


The game is great no doubt, but I just haven’t gotten the time to sit down and play it. I got it for only a $1, but I would have payed $60 if I had to.


The gameplay is smoother and generally more fun than Saints Row 2.

The story is shorter and it feels like there is less content overall. It also feels more linear (because it is, SR1 and 2 had three gangs with linear mission progression you could do whenever, and then linear mission progression after you defeat all three gangs, where SR3 has mostly linear mission progression occasionally interrupted by “Do all these to get the next set of missions”) and has less replay value.

I would say if you are interested, and like the genre, you should get it. It is fun, and runs very well, it’s just very linear and not as long as it could have been.


Better get a friend for it too. It’s even funnier in coop.


Mass Effect 3 & GTA V pre-orders for only $35 -ebhhebfehfhs buygasm.

I LITERALY just got my ME3 code in the e-mail and it’s pre-loading now, words cannot describe my excitement, they also gave me my pre-order bonuses from Origin.

just a quick screencap:

I know it kinda looks shady, hell I wasn’t even expecting a key at all. I was also expecting them to deliver it like on release day or a few days after, but I definitely didn’t expect it to be delivered before launch for pre-loading. I love these guys, therefore I give them 5 stars.

Here’s a coupon if you guys ever decide to buy from them: ME3BONUS
it should work, if not they have a link on the home page for another coupon if you like their facebook.

P.S. I don’t know about their STEAM keys, I heard from people that steam doesn’t like any steam key from any online retailer, I read an article that said sometime last year or 2 they removed the games from people’s accounts, but I also heard that they aren’t doing that anymore, so I don’t know.

New ITT: What are some of the cheap and kind of shady cd key shops you have used, or would like me to try to see if it’s “legit” or fake for your comfort.

Edit: Also, anyone want to add me on Origin, my friends list is looking kinda slim. :slight_smile:


I’ll spam you an invite :slight_smile:


Thanks :smiley:


Niiiice find dude, thanks! Just got mine too. This is great, I was really hesitant about shelling out $60+ for the game at launch, was gonna wait for a sale or something, but this is even better. Although, like you said, it does seem kinda shady, kinda exploiting a loophole there…but they said it’s legit, so if anything happens it ain’t my fault! :pirate:

Nah, probably if anything they’ll just force the website to close and won’t do anything about the ones already sold. In any case, I don’t really mind taking a chance with my EA account, since I’ve only got two games on there now. I wouldn’t do it with my Steam account. :stuck_out_tongue:


Well Jokerine, you asked if I was getting ME3 on PC. I might now, just for multiplayer :stuck_out_tongue:
(I have paid DLC for ME1 and 2 on my Xbox, so I get a more “complete” save to import into ME3, which is why I originally preordered it on the Xbox.)

MDIGN, pretty much sells Steam keys, and they’re legit and often have good preorder deals. I’m sure you already know about them, though.

Edit: that site does look very shady, but they gave you a legit code, so I’ve signed up for notification on when they get more ME3 codes.


Fucking every retailer on and offline is out of ME3 collectors editions


Sonic Generations - $10.19

Totally worth the buy, it is the best Sonic game in ages, maybe even the best one ever. If you haven’t gotten it already now is the time. For once they finally listened to the fans and went back to the roots and removed the terrible extras(Sonic Unleashed would have been 10/10 were it not for that warehog crap.) , I love it. I already beat it on Xbox and I am considering getting it again for PC.


Sorry for the dubs post, but Spellforce 2 Gold - only $3.74

Is it worth it, and no I haven’t played spellforce 1.


Nice find. It’s $7 or so now. Maybe I’ll look for some other games on Amazon digital.


Thief Gold is on for $9.99


And Portal 2 is 50% on Steam.

And Shogun 2 + DLC Rise of the Samurai is 75% on Steam.

The deals end at midnight.


Is Shogun worth it ?


Well, I don’t have it, but one of my friends recommends it and says it’s one of the best Total War games.

It’s very complex and only for “real” strategy gamers. If you consider yourself to be one of them, you can’t do anything wrong, I think. Especially for that price.