The "OMG this game is on sale is it worth X bucks" Thread


It’s really fun but I can’t really play it since it’s so strategic and stuff.


Either Steam has retarded itself out, or I now have 3 coupons for 50% Assassin’s Creed: Revelations good until April 1st, 2012.


Yeah, they’ve been giving out those at random, it seems. I’ve got two for AC:R and one 66% off for a Might and Magic game.


I didn’t get the ones for ACR, maybe because I already have the game. I did get the Might and Magic one though.


Same here.


One of my friends has got them too. He logged off and on again, multiple times. Now he has over 50 AC Revelations coupons :smiley:


Fun fact: yesterday I had three gift passes for The Ship. Realizing I didn’t have its singleplayer, I redeemed it for myself. It then gave me one more so I had three again.


…I hate steam, they gave me a 75% off coupon for EVE Online, knowing that I already have two accounts for the game and it’s on sale for 66% off, so tempted to buy… only $1.70 unless someone else who doesn’t have EVE would like to enjoy it’s glory.


Hey would you like an AssCred: Rev coupon for that Eve Online one ?


Hitman series is on for 6 bucks


Sure, if I can get Steam to start working again… keeps telling me it’s having trouble connecting to the server


Why do coupons for a monthly-payment MMO matter? You pay several times that much every month for the game.


First month is free, and since I have 2 mad-money-making chars I can use my in-game cash to pay off any account I want to make with the item “PLEX”. It’s 100% legal, basically as long as I play and make money it’s free, but if I become board and stop then I have to pay a “re-activation” fee(just a month to get my money rolling again.) So paying $1.70 is a real load off and will help me make even more in-game ISK. …some people sell the in-game money for IRL cash, and they make a good sum of money from it too. It pays for itself basically.


“Binary Domain” is coming to Steam for $40. Has anyone here played it?


Deus Ex series 75% off

The first Fallout games are set in the price off too.

Directly bought Deus Ex 3. Did anyone play the DLC? I already bought it too, but is it actually worth it? For 2.74.


Definately, makes up slightly for the lame bosses and endings. Enjoy.

Amazon is having a buy 2 get 1 free deal for a ton if stuff including Mass Effect 3 and the Witcher 2. Hope this helps.

BTW I’m glad people call it Deus Ex 3.


How are Trine and Trine 2? Trine is 80% off, and Trine 2 is 50% off, both on Steam.


Fallout free on GOG for a short time (48 hours only i believe) yay free games go get it


Thanks for that. I may finally play through it now :stuck_out_tongue:
(I had the white box collection, but it had issues running on my old XP laptop)

My free games on GoG outnumber the games I’ve paid for by quite a bit now…


GoG looks like it has a good sale this weekend.

The stuff that stands out to me that I’ll probably pick up:
Descent 1-3
Freespace 1 and 2
Fallout 2
MDK 1 and 2

Any other suggestions from that list?