The "OMG this game is on sale is it worth X bucks" Thread


Maybe shogo: mobile armor division? From what I remember I liked it quite a bit.


Counter Strike 1.6 for 7.99€ on Steam. When I first saw this I was like WTF??!!!
It is supposed to be a free mod… When it stopped being free?


Also thanks for the GoG deal heads up, just got MDK 1 off of it - love that game but only had the PS version a long time ago and I sold it.

Also I would recommend fallout tactics and Incubation if you like turn-based tactical strategy games where you manage groups of soldiers, but the latter is not on sale and comes with a pack of games I’ve never heard of


It hasn’t been free for quite a while now. It was originally free but you had to pay for it right after Valve bought the rights to the game.


You’re in luck- they just knocked down the price to 3 bucks. GO GO GO!


Hey did you hear Valve just released Half-Life 2?


Which happened in 2003.


All Interplay titles are 1/2 on


I wonder if their version of MDK is actually playable.


Amazon Digital having a sale on a lot of old stuff.

Often they will give you the key to access the game on some other network (ie, Steam)


Too bad it’s U.S. only.


It is, but it uses Direct3D so the textures mess up somtimes. If you download the nGlide wrapper and the no-cd for the MDK3DFX.exe it works flawlessly though.


Just bought Fallout 2 from that sale. Definitely worth it; I’ve played the game before but can’t say I consider my entire day playing it wasted at all.


Dang it. I wanted to try Metro 2033 but my graphics card can only run it on “low.” Is the console version any good?


I wouldn’t fret. The game is pretty damn unoptimized. The frame rate dips down into the 20s even with Nvidia’s badass new GTX680. There’s no way anything less will do any better unless you’re one of those SLI douchebags.


GOG has Theme Hospital now, good bye sun.


That game is really horrendously optimized. I saw all these people calling it the “system killer” and saying how amazing it looked when for the most part, it looked pretty decent in some places, nothing special in most and the framerate is pretty horrible on max settings - and they completely overuse effects for absolutely no reason in places it’s barely noticeable.


Well it is a good looking game but there’s no reason for it to run as terribly as it does, even if it does look good.


Hopefully Metro Last Light improves on every single of those issues.


deus ex:hr and dungeon siege 3 on amazon for 7 and 5 bucks, respectively

works with steam