The "OMG this game is on sale is it worth X bucks" Thread


Dear Esther 50% off y/n? Mini Ninjas 75% off y/n?

I’m somewhat interested in both.


Dear Esther is worth five bucks if you have a romantic soul. (I do. I love Dear Esther.)


y for one, n for two


Dead Island at 12$ on steam, y/n?


Perhaps this will help you decide.



Also picked up Thief Collection. Good to have that legit. :pirate:


Woah, they added Thief 1 and 2 on steam finally?


Looks like it. I might pick those up. I played Deadly Shadows for a bit but didn’t care for it much. Apparently the first 2 are better.


I would say no, as awesome as the video Kair posted is.


Cube Pack for $10 on Steam, y/n?

Includes BIT.TRIP RUNNER, Blocks That Matter, Critical Mass, EDGE, Q.U.B.E., and RUSH. I’ve heard of the first one but none of the others.


I’d say yes. i bought Q.U.B.E alone for 7€ and even thou it’s short it was fun to play, edge is a good free time game, rush is fun but it can be pretty hard (especially the level of GLaDOS… damn hard…)


Just a reminder for everyone. Steam Summer sale next week.


Tomb Raider 1+2+3 on gog for 9.99 us dollar y/n ?


Deus Ex Human Revolution $7.50 on steam. They have different levels of packages that go up in price. Originally $30


Fantastic game. Buy it. The base game is just fine as it is, the other stuff doesn’t really add much, IMO.


Missing Link was pretty great, the weapons packs are superfluous.


I’ll second that Missing Link is worth having. Very nice addon.


Fuuck! I bought the base line version and downloaded it already.
I have no choice but to consider buying missing link separately.
Unleessss Valve will refund me
specifically to upgrade my package. maaayybeee? Somebody tell yes!!


I dunno, Missing Link was ok, but it didn’t really add anything to the plot. It was just another side mission really, and not all that spectacular at that IMO. Me, I played it just because I loved Human Revolution and I wanted to see what happened, but afterwards I felt I could have just skipped it and not cared. But to each his own.

BTW the only way Steam will give you a refund is if you purchase a pre-order and cancel it before the game comes out. As far as I’ve been told they won’t do it for any other reason. Sorry. :frowning:


LA Noire is 5 bucks now.