The "OMG this game is on sale is it worth X bucks" Thread


Is it worth it?


Haven’t played it, so I wouldn’t know.

Most people tend to agree that it gets a little boring at times and it has zero replayability value, but for 5 bucks, you can’t really complain.


I’d say it’s like buying a very good movie for five bucks.


so, what well known RTS is this Warhammer 4000 (dawn of war II complete pack or 14.99 on steam) most similar to?

I like real time strategies, but prefer the longer, more diverse, single player focused ones like AOE, C&C RE and Generals… not the Starcraft 20 minute build-rush-done type


It’s definitely not similar in the least to AoE, it does not even have any building. I don’t really know what it’s similar to, it’s rather unique.

I don’t know much of anything about the multiplayer/skirmish or such, but I really enjoyed the campaign, which is great in its own way.


yeah, pretty fun, except I keep getting shredded after spending 30-45 minutes clearing out most of the map, and there’s no saving, :fffuuu:

I’m not a very good multitasker, it’s hard to keep giving the 4 squads proper commands


It’s a pretty bad movie, especially when you control the main character (into performing tragically poor choices that it tries to convince you are yours)

Well, let’s see, Cole! Would you like to wrongfully convict a man based on incomplete evidence and sentence him to death, or wrongfully convict a man based on incomplete evidence and sentence him to death?

Amazon seems to be having some deals on their digital PC downloads:


If Steam doesn’t hurry and start their sale I’m going to get Spec Ops. I highly recommend that game by the way.


There are hints, that it’s gonna start on July 12th.

Im interested in Spec Ops aswell. It’s supposed to have a brutal good story.


I don’t know if we should make a whole new thread for the summer sale:


Right now I’m thinking of getting

Spec Ops - $25 on Amazon
Beyond Good and Evil - $6.70
Mount and Blade Napoleon - $7
Deus Ex HR - $7.50


Is the Deus Ex HR DLCs worth it?

Totally getting this:retard:


Yes, Missing Link specially.

edit: i think this needs to be its own thread.


I’m sorta “meh” about today’s deals. Anyone have Grimrock? It looks promising.


I -love- LoG, level editor is coming out soon too.

edit: Yeah someone should go ahead and make a thread for the sale.


Steam sale over, time to revive this.

How does Jade Empire run on Win7? Since it’s 75% off right now.


I assume it would work flawlessly, as most steam classics do. Psychonauts and Beyond Good and Evil work good for me, and I think they’re all console ports right?


I crashed countless time on Witcher 2 and finally got some solution


Really? How did you get BG&E working? When I ran it on my rig there was a fuckton of graphical errors and glitching.


I don’t recall having any issues, but I’ll re-download it and check real quick.
EDIT: now I remember, I had the GOG version, it was on sale and is patched to work on modern PC’s. I believe the errors were because of x64-bit architecture, but I think it works on 32-bit OS’s just fine.