The "OMG this game is on sale is it worth X bucks" Thread


Kane & Lynch 2 is 4.99 today. But the first game refused to run with a playable framerate on my computer no matter what I did to it. So fuck that.


For anyone who doesn’t own AssBro get it. Now.


I currently have 2 tickets because I got the TF2 sunglasses but I have 5 entries for the big prize.



Yeah, you better.


Highest selling franchise on PC



Lots of people bought Modern Warfare 2.
Lots of people buy tickets to Dane Cook’s abortions he calls standup.

Money does not talk.


Unless they put a few unreleased triple-a games selling for less than 10 bucks I will probably not buy anything on this sale.




Wait wait, i know this is off-topic but since i currently have no money to spend on the sales i’ll focus on the real important things like: did somebody actually say they didn’t give a damn about hats in TF2? Did that just happen?

Yes, that did happen. I cannot compute.

On topic. Did anyone acquire Solar 2?


I bought Solar 2. It’s awesome and it’s fun but it can get boring fast because you don’t have much to do except for the missions. The game is being updated with new stuff every now and then which could make it more interesting over time. I bought it for 8€ a week ago.


Someone wanting to buy a game just for the hats they get in TF2. That I cannot compute. In fact, I cannot compute someone actually spending money on hats O_o


Doom complete pack for $9 y/n ?


yes, doom 3 is amazing.


Doom 3 is pretty damn good, but there’s a bit of Xen Syndrome going on in the later parts of the game.


Far Cry 2 for $5?


i thought it was amazing but im pretty alone thjere. get it


For five bucks, yeah go ahead. It gets repetitive, but certainly not before you’ve gotten 5 dollar’s worth.


GTA 4 for $10 on Steam.

I didn’t buy it because I like the classic GTA, with view from above.


Fuck you Steam, lrn2currencyconversion.