The Pet Thread

Post your pets, why not?

^ Our cat, Newton. Closest thing we’re gonna get to having children.

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We have had several cats over the years. We are currently without right now as the last one died from a persistent infection that the vet couldn’t get rid of :frowning:

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Closest thing we´re ever going to have to a cat… he´s a bit… weird

:frowning: My condolences.

I think all cats are weird, in their own “special” way. It’s the “normal” ones you have to be worried about. They’re up to something.

aww…he’s so cute. And WHAM he get’s all psycho. Well…that’s cats for ya

Black Mess: CO-OP

Too many cats, not enough dogs.

My dog, Punky. She was my best pal. When I left my country I had to leave her behind, and this is the only pic I have of her. It breaks my heart. I really hope she’s okay.

My beloved maine coon cat:

Who happens to hate baths:

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My pug, Fender.


When I was a freshman in college, my dormmates and I found a praying mantis in the stairwell of our dorm building. We named it Mantisaur, and it lived with us for a few days, before we put it on some girl’s infested flower and it got eaten from the inside-out by all the little bugs on it. Fare thee well, Mantisaur, you magnificent bastard.

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Bolteh’s dog is on cocaine.

Anyway, here’s Bella.


Well, my cat Skittles is pretty calm. Sometimes a she’ll go a whole day without moving a centimetre.

At the moment, my household has 2 Dogs: Lilly and Ginger
Lilly is this little Miniature Pinscher/Maltese mix. She’s cute as a bug but she likes to steal and chew on undergarments.
Ginger is a Beagle. She was a rescue dog, so we think she might be a Beagle-Mix. She’s an old thing (eight years old?) , but she’s not too old to show Lilly her place when she gets tired of Lilly acting up.

We used to have a cat, a blubbery Calico by the name of Spot, but he passed away this past January.



This my spoiled pet. :slight_smile: This dog buggy allows you to take your favorite pet or dog out with you wherever you go. Don’t worry about your dog or pet getting into trouble or a dangerous situation. Your stroller will keep your cat or pet away from larger dogs, or traffic. Feel comfortable knowing that your dog or pet is secure and cozy in a stroller when you go out.


Ruby Rose

Kaiser Soze (should have named him Scooby Doo cuz his personality is silly, stupid, vocal, and kinda selfish)

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