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What is the “boot problem”? You didn’t specify.


I’ve posted about it before and have basically given up on fixing it at this point. What happens is that I hit the power button, and the fans all spin up to full speed, and the PC does not boot. It just sits there, with fans spinning, forever. It appears that the motherboard doesn’t even make it to POST. Then I have to hard power off the PC and try again. On a good day, it boots on the next try, but on a bad day, it fails to boot four or five times before finally booting. This doesn’t happen every time, but often enough that it’s annoying; probably a solid 50% of the time.

I have replaced the case, PSU, motherboard, CPU, CPU cooler, RAM, videocard, all the case fans, all the cabling, the secondary HDD, the powerstrip, and just now have replaced the SSD hosting the OS. The only part I haven’t replaced is my audio card, but I’ve pulled that out of the PC for weeks at a time and still had the problem happen. I think I also updated the motherboard BIOS, although I can’t remember if that was this motherboard or the last one.

I have not changed any/many of the peripherals. I’ve changed monitors since this all started, and have swapped between two 360 controllers (one wireless and one wired). I have not changed my speakers, mouse, keyboard, mic, or headphones. That could be interesting to try unplugging components until after boot. I wouldn’t have guessed that a peripheral could cause it, but once you’ve eliminated all other possibilities, whatever remains, however unlikely, must be the truth.

The only other theory I have left is that maybe my apartment has really dirty power, and that’s what’s causing it? I don’t have the equipment or the expertise to check that.


I have a similar issue with my optiplex, I’ll be doing something and then it just freezes with a flashing orange one on the from panel, sometimes after I reset it it just turns on and off infinity unless it’s unplugged for at least a day then It will work again.
According to Dell, the flashing “1” means two things, 1) dead power supply or 2) a dead mother board.
And I have no way to figure out what of the two it is, so now I’m waiting on my computer to produce magic smoke at any time.


Is your cpu intel Haswell


Most Dells either have built in diagnostics or a web based version you can run. Google the model for more instructions.


Did, that was the best info I could find, I’ve noticed it does it far more frequently if I pull out the gpu, if I overclock it, it stops dying.
It’s the most backwards thing I’ve dealt with, and I haven’t seen anything on google about it besides Dell support and the post code sheet saying one of the two is dead/dying, probably mobo.
It’s a Optiplex 980 ssf if you want to give a crack at it, I gave up two months ago.


Re-Flash your BIOS and see if that helps.


not much point as the system is going to get replaced soon’ish anyway, the old i5 is getting too sluggish and my hd6570 is also dying (bad fan bearing).
So I’m just going to run the wheels off it till it finally dies.


I screwed up my post. I was actually talking to @geekofalltrades


The CPU is an i7 6700k, so Skylake. And my PSU is a EVGA SuperNOVA 750 G3, which is Haswell-compatible.


Re-Flash your BIOS and see if that helps


If @CPU 's advice of flashing the BIOS doesn’t help (seeing as the mobo was replaced, I’m not 100% certain that’ll help), and you’ve checked that your RAM is not only working but also in the right slot(s) in your motherboard, I agree that the peripherals or the dirty power are what I’d look at next.


I recently started playing Rocksmith again, which if you don’t know, is a game where you plug a real guitar into your PC (or console) via a jack -> USB cable and play along (kinda like Guitar Hero, but more advanced). I noticed this annoying buzzing sound, which also registered on the screen as input so I know I wasn’t imagining things, which I figured out after a while stopped if I touched one of the strings. Or, as it turned out, any metal bit on the guitar.

Here’s what I’m fairly sure is happening; the wall socket my PC is plugged into isn’t grounded. The noise in the current running through the PSU, into my motherboard, then the USB cable and then my guitar was big enough to actually be audible unless I touch a metal bit of the guitar and act as the grounding myself.

In short; your PSU can’t filter out all the noise of the incoming power.

How this related to your story; I’d indeed try to disconnect the peripherals, see what happens. In particular the two things that are connected to power aside from your PC: speakers (usually) and your monitor. If you expect dirty power, you may have a reason to, and as I just explained the resulting noise may reach further than expected. Who knows, maybe it’s interfering with each other.

To be perfectly honest, I have 0 reason to believe this will have any effect… but after what happened with my guitar, it wouldn’t surprise me either.


Cancer sucks. I have been battling it since Nov 2015 and it simply sucks. The repercussions of trying to get rid of it is a never ending, problematic, always on your mind, kind of problem. There is cancer in my gut, liver, and now I found out yesterday it is in my lungs. I have had 9 surgeries and I have plenty more coming on the radar. Radiation, chemo, procedures… :sigh: This is really putting a damper on my joy.


Well at the expense of some dark humor: You ain’t dead yet.

In all seriousness, you can beat this thing, you’ve lived for the past 3 years despite all odds.


Sending you a great big hug!!


so sorry to hear that it’s back. Reading this, it does sound like you are having a hard time. I do wish to do the same as CPU and send a big, long and warm hug. You have been through so much already, haven’t you?

Hugs are much more often so much better than any words. But if there’s is anything you would like us to say, please don’t hesitate to tell us. We’d love to give something back, if wished, as you already shared this with us. And I am very grateful for that!


Thanks guys! The prayers, hugs, dark humor, and well wishes are all a gal can ask for. :hugs: At least I have a pretty good chance xen will come out before I kick the can! hahaha!


I’m not a medic or specialist but I heard word or two about Tasuku Honjo and James Patrick Allison. Those scientists took Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 2018. As I understand for their research and Cancer immunotherapy method. Maybe this information could be useful for you. Cancer specialists and doctors should know more.

Be healthy and never give up. We love you.


Thank you for the info!


Bummer, been going here for 20 years.