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Reminds me of a month ago when I put the network card in the second slot, which would cause the same problem of not-workiness. Was happy everything else went without a hitch though.


More bad news on the new computer front.
I got a second display when I bought the computer because ever since I had my laptop and a monitor my workflow has been changed to the point where I basically need two monitors to feel like I can get any amount of work done.
Monitor came with a standard HDMI cable, as one would expect.
Problem is, the 1080, for some reason, only has 1 HDMI port, and 3 DisplayPort…ports.
No big deal, get an adapter cable, right?

Well, after transferring some of my files I finally got around to hooking up the new monitor with the adapter I bought, and wouldn’t you know it, not only is the HDMI side of the cable not able to enter the monitor because it has an oversized casing, but the DisplayPort side’s casing was so poor quality that it literally broke into its two separate halves on being plugged in with regular force.

If you’re gonna charge $25CDN for something, maybe build it so that it doesn’t fucking fall apart on itself in literally the first use?


A lot of my Facebook friends are posting those videos where they fast-forward a dish being prepared with the recipe on-screen.

I hate these videos.


That’s what the ignore post is for.


They still show up even if you do that. It’s fucking annoying…


I don’t mind them, I like cooking.

What I do hate, however, is those stupid fucking vine stars that are making a living off of making vids about cheating and side hoes and what not.


I’m confused, doesn’t everybody like side hoes?


No, no I do not. The idea is stupid and just wrong.


I prefer Backhoes personally… [/size]


People who revel in instigating infidelity are so scummy. It’s one of the worst feelings; being cheated on. [/size][/size][/size]




I like fire-hoes.


So it seems like my speakers are finally giving up after 6 years of service. Bloody hell.
At least it’s payday.


that sucks, I seem to have hit the jackpot with my speakers, still working from my Windows 95 days with just the plastic yellowing, my headphone luck on the other hand, I must go through a pair a year, and I don’t even get cheap ones! I can already feel my current pair giving up at certain angles.


Wow, Fallout 4’s Creation Engine sucks hard. I’m getting 12 FPS in downtown Boston, and I have a fucking factory-overclocked GTX 980 Ti. I turn on MSI Afterburner’s on-screen display to find that my GPU is sitting at about 30% usage, and my four CPU cores are sitting at around 50% each, with one sometimes spiking up to 75%. Then why am I getting 12 FPS?

I turned the game from 1440p (my native) down to 1080p and there was no improvement.

How do you even make an engine this bad? Have Bethesda no shame?

EDIT: It was a mod. Fallout 4 HD Reworked Project Revised. Everyone is reporting that the plugin version literally kills ~25 FPS.


I’ve been trying to get my roommate to watch Clannad for fucking years now, and he keeps refusing because he’s had parts of it spoiled and hasn’t forgotten them yet.

And he keeps


getting spoilers

in the dumbest places and ways.


reminds me of my friend who still hasn’t started Valkyria Chronicles, he should really get on that.


My freshly-fucking-upgraded PC that’s been working fucking fine for the past two fucking days won’t fucking POST. Fucking unbelievable. Fucking fuckity fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck.


Maybe you just need a geek of all trades?


Welp, you got one option here Geek. Gut it, then put it together 1 part at a time until it doesn’t post. That’s how I figured out my video card croaked a few years ago.


I just wiggled a few connectors until it worked, IT style.

EDIT: Happened again. I think it might be an unstable XMP RAM overclock.


My reply from Corsair when trying to RMA this power supply, given that two PCs that have had it have had trouble booting:

“Please contact DealsPro1 for a refund/exchange, they are not an authorized vendor of ours.”


I bought it through Amazon, which is definitely on this list, but apparently it wasn’t from from Amazon.